Saturday, March 31, 2012


First haute couture by Dior ^

With my best classmate! ^
Here are the photos from Antwerp. We had such a great day! After a bus strip from 3 hours we visit the fashion museum/academy from Antwerp what very interesting was. We have seen the first fashion from many centuries ago and the most interesting thing of all; the haute couture from Dior, I think that was the most beautiful creation in the museum. The tour trough the museum but also trough the city was very nice. But of course, when we had some shopping time we get lost! After all, we did some great shopping and had a lovely day! In the bus trip home we did much laughing again and show each others the purchases we did! Because we didn't had much time for our selves in the city I didn't make photos, I only got the good memories! 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I'm a make-up-aholic, can't help it. I received this beautiful Chanel make-up from work. Two amazing nail polish colors (black pearl and ballerina) and two lovely lipsticks, they're perfect for this season! 
In the meantime it's Wednesday again, that means that I've to sleep two nights before we're going to Antwerp with school! We all can't wait, it's gonna be so much fun! The best part of the day is the shopping time, unfortunately we don't have much time to shop so do you have any must shop/see tips to visit? I do like to hear from you!

Who*s Who denim jacket
Love from Moschino shirt
Zara pants
Vintage belt
Random jewelry 

Monday, March 26, 2012


Monday, oh Monday.. School, work and all these other things starts again. I dislike Mondays because of these things, but I'll survive this week with the idea that we are going to Antwerp with school on Friday! Soooo lovely! First we visit some fashion museums and after that we have some shopping time! What is more fun than shopping in a unknown city with you classmates?? The only thing I hope for is some nice weather, so please cross your fingers for us :).

Ibana Rouge leopard jacket
EAN 13 collection shirt
Malene Birger biker jeans
Roberto d'Angelo wedges 
Rayban sunglasses 
Escade bag
DIY belt
Random jewelry 

Sunday, March 25, 2012


What a gorgeous weekend! Sun: CHECK, temperature above 18 degrees: CHECK, summer clothes: CHECK! Hmm so lovely, I want this weather all year long! Wearing nothing more than a simple short with sandals or a summer print dress with heels like this.
Today was a really lazy Sunday actually. I did nothing more than relaxing in the sun and eating some ice creams. What did you do? Hope you enjoyed it!

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H&M dress
Uggs heels
Zara Clutch
Yves Saint Laurent arty ring

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Zara shirt
Zara pants
Sendra boots
Vintage belt
Douglas gift hat
Sence stone bracelet
H&M bangle 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


My dear readers, I’m so sorry that I didn’t post last time. I wasn’t in the mood and I didn’t had enough time.. But I feel good now and the busy school week is almost over! I did all my learn- and homework so I’m free from now on. 
Do you also have the spring fever? Today it finally starts. Everybody is so happy because the sun is shining all day long! So lovely! Can't wait to go outside in a summer dress or a simply denim short.
Except of the spring, there was another special thing : THE FIRST DUTCH VOGUE! Jeej! I've got the collector's edition in a special box, so happy! I now what I'm gonna go tonight, read some gorgeous fashion!

PS. Don't forget my Marc Jacobs giveaway guys! XOXO

Edc jacket
Marccain shirt
Goldsign pants
La Martina shoes
Vintage belt
Rayban sunglasses
Michael Kors watch
Random jewelry 

Saturday, March 17, 2012


My dear readers,
First of all I want to thank you all for visiting my blog and for leaving all the lovely comments every time! You all are really special for me, your sweet words makes me smile every day. I keep on growing, thanks to you. Now I want to thank you at a special way. As I promise this a while ago, there it finally is: a giveaway!
One of my readers will be the lucky winner of this beautiful perfume ring from Lola by Marc Jacobs.
Your chance to win it is simple. What you only have to do is:
-          Following me by Google Friends Connect and Bloglovin
-          Leave a comment with your name and email address
At the 2nd of April I'll announced the winner.

Good luck to you all! Big hugs and kisses!

Friday, March 16, 2012


Say hello to the Friday, hello to the weekend! This week was comfortable and nice but unfortunately the relaxing is over soon.. Next week it's a very busy week at school, but gladly I can enjoy my weekend first. Hope for some more luck than last weekend haha. Enjoy it my loves! 

Zara jacket
Diesel jeans
Self made shirt
Pellessimo poncho
Vintage shoes, belt and bag
Michael Kors watch
Random jewelry