Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Photos made by Chanelle Duitscher
The weekend after we turned back from Malaysia I had a photoshoot with an old classmate. She asked me if I wanted to be her model for a school project, of course I sad yes! She wanted to make some natural photos and some photos with heavy make-up. The first photos are with the natural look, I'm wearing my dads shirt and my hair is wavy. For the other ones we used long purple false lashes and lipsticks. It was really great to do and I really like the result! Especially the last one, it's my favorite :). Which one do you like the most?

Sunday, February 24, 2013


I'm home again! And we have more snow in the Netherlands. Oh please give me spring! We had enough snow the last weeks. To stay warm I'm wearing an angora woolen sweater and my Timberlands boots, they are perfect for weather like this. Hope the weather will be better soon!

I was wearing:
Aeronautica Militare trousers
Angora sweater (vintage)
Timberlands boots
Michael Kors watch

Clarins Gloss Appeal Orange
YSL Eyeliner Brown

Friday, February 22, 2013


 We finally arrived in Serfaus!
 Love my new ski jack! Now I'm totally ready!
 Here we are! With the kids :)
 Parents and friends 
 Making ready for dinner tonight! 
 Love it here! What a beautiful day to ski <3
 Love love love it
 Hmm delicious salad 
 With mom and dad
 Night skiing 
 Party animals! Apres ski
 With my parents and brother in the snow
Ready for the last night in Serfaus!

Hey guys! I'm so sorry that I din't post this week! I was way to busy with skiing and enjoying my time here. I can tell you it's great! We ski the hole day and have so much fun together! I'm here with my parents and brother and four other families. It's so much fun with all these people and above all with the kids! I wasn't able to make more photos in the snow, so here is a post about my instagram updates during this week. Hope you like them! Tomorrow we go home :(. We leave at noon so we can ski for the last time this week. When I'm home I can make new outfit posts to share, so see you next post! XO

Monday, February 18, 2013


Here are the first photos from our holiday in Serfaus! I'm totally in love with the mountains, skiing really is amazing here! I have a great time! These photos are from what I wore today (after skiing). I bought this gorgeous yellow ski jack here. Last year I saw something like this but I wasn't able to buy it. When I saw this yellow jacket in the store here it was love at first sight. Can't believe it's mine :).

I was wearing:
Sportalm ski jack
Levi's jeans
Zara turtleneck
Elena Iachi sneakers
Iceberg gloves