Wednesday, May 30, 2012


We are in the middle of the week already! Tomorrow I go shopping in Amsterdam with my mom and I really can't wait! I'll show you my new goodies I get there as soon as possible ;). For now I've to show you some other goodies I get. Today I receive this cute little purple dress from It is really a 'little' dress so perfect for the heath (I hope it's coming back soon..). Anyway, it's finally something different then a little black dress, the color and the lovely sleeves are making this dress special. I also want to show you my new bikini that I received from the great Italian company It fits perfect and the quality of it is so nice. I want to thank both companies very much for their beautiful gifts, I'll use them with much love! 

Lancaster clutch
Zara shoes
Vintage jewelry 
Rayban sunglasses

Monday, May 28, 2012


What a great weekend! But every great thing has to come to an end, my fourth week from my internship starts tomorrow. Thursday I'm a day free from work so I'm going shopping in Amsterdam with my mom! It's such a long time ago that we went shopping and have some quality time together, I'm really look forward to it! I hope for good weather like this because shopping is more fun without coats and warm clothes, so pleaseee sun, keep shining! 
About my look today, I almost DIY everything I wear. The short I'm wearing I made last year. I used textile paint for it and for the tank top only used a scissor and cut it into this. Great for the warm weather haha. Have a fashionable week! XO

DIY short and top
Sendra boots
Rayban sunglasses
H&M bikini
Vintage rings, belt and bag

Sunday, May 27, 2012


This weekend was the best! What a lovely weather and great time. The only things I did was being lazy in the sun, take a dive at the swimming pool and chillings with friends. I love my life! I wish it could be weather like this every minute of the day, all year long. Because I was so lazy I didn't make photos from a new look to share today, I'm sorry.. For now I show you some photos from my instagram page that I post this last few weeks. You can follow me here. I'll make an outfit post for you tomorrow! XO

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Sun, heath and summer clothes! I feel so happy, I enjoy this weather so much! I found some amazing things that I want to share with you trough this post. A while ago I was searching in my mother's closet (again) for some nice vintage items and I do found some great pieces! This amazing high waisted camel pants, my mom was wearing it when she had my age and it's so great for me to wear it now! I also found her wedding bustier when she married my dad! When I came to her with it she told me about it and I love it more and more now! In my option is vintage perfect and totally when it was from your mom, dad or someone else you love very much! 

Vintage pants and top
H&M necklace, belt and clutch
Zara shoes
Vintage Gucci watch (from my dad)
Amour ring

Monday, May 21, 2012


It's getting hotter and hotter here and I enjoy it so much! The only thing I hope for is a little more sun because it looks so sad outside. Because of this hot/stuffy weather I start everyday with a fresh morning dive in the swimming pool and that feels great! A good start of the day :). Today starts also my third internship week, the time is going really fast! Can't believe that I'm a few weeks away from summer vacation. Oeh now I'm think about it I'm getting so excited, I really can't wait! It will be the first summer vacation abroad since 3 years! I'm going with my parents and brother of course but we still don't have an idea where to go but I bid for a few days Saint Tropez because I love it there! If you now any other nice places please let me know!
Now I'm going to bed because I'm really tired and I've another busy day tomorrow! Enjoy your day, evening, week dears! XO

H&M maxi dress, shoes, clutch and earrings
Vintage sunglasses 
Indian vintage bangle 

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Weekend woehoee! This is gonna be a lazy weekend for me. Thursday I had a party in Utrecht and had a great time! There was only one disliking thing and that was the Friday morning. The alarm was waking me up to early for another internship day. I’m so tired so this is a weekend with much sleeping and relaxing. And what are your plans so far? Tell me!
The sun is finally shining here and the temperature is around the 20 degrees so the weather is finally better. I can dump my jacket for now and can preparing myself for the summer, hmmm love it! Today we put the boat in the water and I really can’t wait to use it, the first signs for the summer are present!
Enjoy your weekend my lovelies! XO

Oh before I forget! This week I made a Facebook fan page for everyone who likes to follow me in different ways! Please like me here, thankyouu! <3

Mulberry bag
Mango blouse
Zara pants
Vintage sandals
Rayban sunglasses
Michael Kors watch
Random bracelets