Monday, September 30, 2013


My dearest followers! Finally it's time for a official post from London! Sorry for not posting last week(end) but I didn't feel so well, I was a little sick.. But now I'm better and full with new energy to post and share you guys my first outfit from London. The photos are made by my sweet boyfriend Paul who visit me almost 2,5 weeks ago. Gladly he's coming to London again next weekend. I miss him so much, can't wait to see him again! Also my parents and brother are coming to London soon. I'm so excited to see them! I also miss them a lot. Can't wait to show them the beautiful London!

However, about my outfit. The leather trousers is amazing. I bought it at a designer vintage sale here with 80% discount! Yeah happy me!! And another exciting thing are my new shoes. If you follow me on instagram you might have notice them, but if you didn't here they are. My first pair of Isabel Marant sneakers! I wanted them for years and now, when I finally saw them and there was only my size left, I knew it was meant to be. Hope you like this happy outfit and of course, there are lot's of more posts coming from London! Big Kisses! XO

I was wearing:
Isabel Marant sneakers
Graham & Spencer leather trousers
Massimo Dutti coat
Repeat Cashmere scarf
Rafnik Italy bag

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


These photos are from our last beautiful days in France. I can say, I wish I was there again. This was definitely the best part of our holiday. The last two days we spent at the beach of Cannes. I reallly missed the beach a lot because we didn't visited it in St. Maxime.. I think that was also why I loved the time there so much. Also the restaurants and shops were amazing. It was pity that we had only two days there because I totally fell in love with Cannes! Hope to visit it again soon!

About London. Yeah, when I see these photos I wish I was there again and not here.. Don't get me wrong, London is beautiful and the people are so friendly! But I miss my home, family and boyfriend so much. I'm getting sick of my homesickness I think haha. Hope my time here will be better soon. And also my classes have to improve because that's also a thing that is dissapointing.. Well, 60 more days to go here, I'm almost at 1/3 of my course.. Hope the time will fly ;).

Monday, September 23, 2013


After an amazing week in St. Maxime it was time to get back home slowly. What I mean by slowly is another few days in a place on our route home. The first stop was in Annecy. Annecy is a French place at the border of Swiss. So it's a French, German and also English speaking place. Also the food is a combination of both countries. You can get a Wiener Schnitzel but also a delicious pasta. Also the buildings were amazing. What a beautiful place! Mountains and the lake of Annecy, good food and nice visits, the perfect combination if you ask me. What is your opinion about this? :) 

Today I start my fourth week in London, the time goes already faster than before! Really happy with that! Last weekend I visited London Fashion Weekend and it was lovely. So inspiring! I also made some photos which I'll share you soon! Kisses and hugs from London! 

Friday, September 20, 2013


Another outfit from France. This time we shoot in St. Tropez! I really love the yellow lace flower dress which I bought in St. Maxime. The color is just amazing and I'm already counting down to wear it again. But first, autumn is coming.. When I see the photos from the holiday I want to go back so badly.. We had such an amazing time there! To get back to my outfit, I also bought this amazing Ray-ban sunglasses which I'm so happy with! I bought it together with my boyfriend in Monaco. I really love the green mirrored glasses and I think they match perfectly with this dress. Hope you like this outfit! 

In London it's still the same. It's finally weekend and I'm looking for some nice things to do so the time will past by faster. Tonight we're going to a Circus club and I hope it will be nice. Just dress up and have some fun with the girls. Saturday I'll have a look at fashion week and I hope I can make some nice photos to share with you soon! Have a nice weekend folks!
I was wearing:
St. Maxime lace dress
Crypes sandals 
Ibiza bag
Ray-ban sunglasses