Tuesday, December 3, 2013


TIME FOR CHANGE This week started with big plans. After having a wish for years about giving my room a huge make-over I finally started yesterday. But wow, what a work! Really it's horrible. At the moment I'm only removing wallpaper from the walls and it is awful work. I mean, I'm doing this for two days now and I didn't even finish! And then the pain in my back.. Ughh.. Unfortunately I also have to wait with painting my room because the walls are so bad that they first need a new coating for a equal effect. Why is it always the problem when you start a rebuilding everything happen in the opposite of what you want of wish. And it also take always longer than expected. That's even the worse part I think because I don't even have a normal closet anymore or a bed! All my clothes are on my bed now so my room is a huge mess at the moment. I hope I can finish the wallpaper work tomorrow night so I can finally go further! 

This is not the only change that happen this week. Today was the biggest one. Our almost 14 years old dog has passed away. She was here for as long as I can remember and she had been a big part of our family. She was our friend and lover (even though she could be annoying sometimes). I've always lived with dogs, I means really always, so it's really quite in house now without a quadruped.. We will all miss her really much and I hope she can rest in peace and will have a nice place in heaven <3. 
But I don't want to end up this post sad, Pongo (her name) had a beautiful life here with us and I'm really thankful that she got to this beautiful age and we could enjoy her all these years. So this post is actually the opposite from what I just told. While shooting this outfit with my sweet Paul, his two young dogs were jumping and running around us to get a little attention (or they just wanted to be on the photo ;P). It was really funny actually and I like the result of the shoot with the beautiful leaves. Unfortunately I had to remove the dogs on the photo because they were moving all the time haha! 

 I was wearing:
Top: Zara
Trousers: Graham & Spencer
Boots: River Island

Lipstick: Guerlain Rouge L'Extrait No. M65
Nail Polish: Dolce & Gabbana No. 215


  1. lovely boots!
    new look on my blog!

  2. Wow you are soo pretty! <3


  3. Wonderful outfit, I like your boots:)



  4. Oh, wat jammer van je hond :( Sterkte meid! Ik snap je gevoel... Mijn kat die ik al had sinds ik tien was, is een paar maanden geleden vermist geraakt... Dus ik weet wat je bedoelt!

    Heel erg leuke outfit! Die laarzen zijn zo leuk!

    XO Imke

  5. I love your shoes and cardigan, the details in them are gorgeous! Where are they from?
    I'm so sorry to hear about your dog :( But I'm sure that he had a great long life with you!

    Birthday wishes a little late to your blog!