Monday, December 16, 2013


Had a perfect weekend with my babe!

Besides the hard work in my room there was time to decorate the Christmas tree! Cookies cookies and more cookies!!

Room make-over had just begun! The work was terrible, I mean removing wallpaper is really the hardest job ever.., but it was totally worth it! The result is amazing!

Working hard and painting the walls!

Just finished the painting but okay.. What happen with my jeans??! It's a total mess! (I'm just so clumsy..)

Where should I put these beauties this time in my (new!!) room??

Even though my room wasn't totally ready yet it was time for a selfie with my new make-up table. I've dreamed about having one and finally here it is!!

Organizing my make-up was the most fun part! ;)
So yesterday was a great day with my boy at the football game. When I went to sleep the only thing I could dream of was blogging, I missed it so much last week!

If you have worked at a perfumery store for 3,5 years you'll get this; 30 different (and each so lovely) fragrances. Now I've the perfect place for them!

Getting so happy when I see these beautiful photos from our holiday last summer
The good thing about cleaning up is that you can find real treasures, like this cute Mulberry bag. Time to give you a new life baby! 

FINISHED So, after two weeks of rebuilding my room I finally finished it! There are a few little things that have to be done which aren't done yet (like giving my photos and mirror a place), but I did the big work and I can say that I've never been so happy with finishing something. When I started with my room I was like 'okay, I'll do this in a few days', but afterwards it took two full weeks and much pain in my back (Paaaaaul, massage pleaseeee ;P). I can say I'm really proud of myself that I did all of this (most of the time) alone. The result is really cool, even better than I dreamed about. Before I started, my room was like a childish-pink-not-feminine-room which I already had for ten years. So it was really time for a huge make-over. Step by step. First I removed the wallpaper, then repaired the walls and painted it twice. Then the furniture.. A new bed and a make-up table (I've dreamed about one for 100 years and there it is!!) and I had to replace all my old stuff again in my clean and beautiful new room. Wow, I had never known that I've just so many things! It is terrible how many useless thing we save at home.. But everything is done and clean, time to live in! And I can't can't can't wait to show you the photos soon!! Here is a little preview of my Instagram updates to show you a little bit of my new room and how my life have been look like these weeks. Enjoy!

To change the subject from my room to my plans I'll start with my plans this week. Tomorrow is the biggest part for me because I go the the hairdresser and I'm scared  of it as you may know.. But it's really time to go again because the last time is almost eight months ago. Besides that I'm afraid I also don't know what to do with my hair.. Do you have any good ideas?? I want something fresh to give my hair new volume but I don't want to loose my length! Decisions decisions.. The other reason why I go now is because of the Holidays, I want a nice coupe for Christmas and on Friday we go on winter sports so I have to go before Friday. Yes, we're going to celebrate Christmas in the snow! I've never done that before (last year we went to the sun in Malaysia so that was totally different) and I can't wait to go. I'm going with my family and my boyfriends family, how lovely is that! But I didn't got all the Christmas presents yet, hmm have to got them this week! Any ideas for presents and, most important, my hair?! Wish you a blessed week guys! XX


  1. Beautiful snapshots :) Love that Mulberry bag - it's absolutely perfect!

  2. Que post más guay!!! Me encanta como te está quedando la habitación y la organización de los cosméticos y perfumes!!!
    Un post muy divertidos,
    Un abrazo,

  3. I love so much your coca cola bottles collection :)


  4. Nice pics, thank you for sharing:-)



  5. amazing pics!
    new look on my blog!!

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