Monday, December 23, 2013


OUTFITS TO HAVE Hey guys, for today's post I want to introduce you to a new site which I just discovered. It's called Handpicklook and their shop is amazing. They sell clothes for every type of woman with matching accessories like handbags, jewelry and shoes. Their style is not boring and the same all the time, no definitely not. They are innovating and try to mix and match styles as much as possible. So, like I said, every type of woman with every kind of style can shop at Handpicklook. Another good thing, they sell dresses and other clothes for every kind of occasion. You can find there your new party outfit for the coming Holiday season but you can also have a look there for you daily casual look. My advice to you: go to their site and get surprised about their shop!

In this post I'm not only talking about their site, I also want to show you some outfits I have picked together which I really like. I tried to create three different looks for three different types of women. The first outfit is more classic with the contrast dress with quilted leather. I thought it was nice to combine it with a simple bag, but in blue to give this outfit a little touch of color. Wear this outfit with red lipstick and you're ready to go out shopping in style! For the second outfit I tried to create a little more young and edgy outfit and therefor I used a leather dress which I personally really like. What I also like is wearing something simple with a statement necklace, so that's what I added to this look. Give it a bag and it's ready to go! For the third and also the last look I kept it more casual and easy going. This is a perfect outfit to go to your work, go out shopping or even for a special occasion. The green chiffon dress (including belt) is really a multi-dress. Wear it with a small clutch in matching color and off you go!

Outfit 1                                       Outfit 2                               Outfit 3
Contrast Dress                              Leather Dress                     Green Dress
    Blue Leather Bag                         Multi leather bag               Green Lace Clutch
                                                         Crystal Flower Necklace     Glitter Hair Accessorize 


  1. great post!
    new look on my blog!!!

  2. Great site, thank you for the post!

    I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas:)



  3. Love the 2 and 3 looks!! Kisses darling

  4. Sounds amazing, thanks for sharing! I love the look on the middle, and tho the dresses on the sides are really different from my style, you combined them so well that even I'd like to have them!