Friday, December 6, 2013


THE WALKING BAG You may all know that I have a huge addiction with bags and shoes. I can't help it but they make me happy and I love to dream about them. Actually, they can give me sleepless nights.. So I'm always looking for something new and original and a real must-have (at the moment my dream goes to a Chanel boy bag which gives me indeed sleepless nights, I need that one ASAP!!). With the sponsors I have I also like to search for a funny bag that you don't see everywhere or can buy at every corner shop on the streets. Just like this time with Sammydress. This online boutique has an amazing range of clothes, shoes, accessories and also, again, bags! When I saw this silver shopper with legs, the first thing I had to do was laugh out loud (in a positive way of course!). And what is healthier than laughing?? While we have this terrible and sad weather outside we all need to laugh more (I mean the weather is really terrible here, it's so cold, and not in a nice way, and it's rainy and cloudy and windy, ughh!) So the decision was easy, I must have this bag! To make an outfit with this bag I thought it was nice to keep the outfit as simple as possible. Just an easy going outfit which goes the best with using a shopper. I mean, that's what they are made for right? Easy going so you can put lots of things in it. And let this one be nice as well ;).

Time to change the subject (yes I can talk about bags and sponsors like Sammydress for hours haha). The reason why I couldn't post yesterday was because of the terrible weather. There was a huge storm in the Netherlands which almost blew you away when you went outside. Gladly we had a moment of silence today (no wind and rain, even a little bit sun!) so I immediately run outside to shoot this outfit. Even though the bad weather at the moment I'm still very busy. I planned to finish my room this week but I'm far from that. But next week it will be ready to live in! Yesterday I finally finished the wallpaper work (which was so much and really hard to remove) and tomorrow we'll repair the walls so we can paint next week! Yeeeah, I'll have my dream room!! :) If everything is done I'll do a before and after post. I just saw the photos, and again I had to laugh out loud. My god, what a mess and what a stuff! I'll trow lots of things away then I start reorganizing my room to keep it more clear and organized. Really, I should go to a secondhand fair again to sell everything! hahaha..

I was wearing:
Sweater: Homies
Jeans: Esprit
Shoes: Kurt Geiger
Earrings: Sammydress

Nail Polish: Anny Celebration Time 


  1. Great sporty outfit!

  2. Gorgeous shots - and I'm so in love with this sweater. Need to get one!



  3. Sweet pictures and a great sweater! :)

  4. This is definitely an adorable bag! =D Well, sleepless night for a Chanel Boy is quite crucial but it's a great bag actually. You've got good taste. I'm sure your dream will come true =)

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  5. Nice look! Great blog!
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, I already followed you on GFC and Bloglovin, check it out! =)


  6. Kurt Geiger!Omg,love.<3 And i love your sweater.Nice outfit.


  7. Aww, I love your bag - I wish you a wonderful weekend:)