Friday, February 28, 2014


BACK IN TOWN Hi loves! So after this amazing holiday which Paul and I had in Austria we are back in Holland. We enjoyed it sooo much! I really can admit that we're addicted to the mountains and snow there, it's so beautiful! While I'm dreaming of still being there together (which I really do. We aren't even one day at home and I already want to go back haha. But that's always the same with holidays..) I'm writing this new outfit post which we shot out last day. Gladly we did had some time to shoot because we were way too busy with skiing all day and enjoying the sun. Well, skiing all day.. We did that on Sunday and Monday but the rest of the week it was way too warm so the snow was melting away around noon. That's why we had to stop earlier with skiing the last days but besides we couldn't ski for some hours we did enjoyed our time very much. We played hundred of card games and have eat delicious food. I really love the food there, it's so good.. Especially breakfast. Nomnomnom

Anyway, I'm very happy to show you my look I wore the last day. Some of the items I bought this last season which I didn't showed you yet because it wasn't cold enough. Like these amazing furry snow-boots from Donchoo which are just so awesome! They're way too comfortable (and warm) and look gorgeous with just an normal jeans. Further, I've this cool shirt which I showed you in a Goodies post. This was a Christmas present and I think it's even more perfect wearing it in Austria. That's because of the images of course ;). Then at last this cool vest/jacket which I got in Serfaus, the place we were staying. It's from the skiing brand Spyder which you might know. Mostly I think it's more a man's brand but this was an exception because I really like this one. But besides this look I've so many more things to show you! Like some great new items from Oasap and Sheinside which I received today. Can't wait to wear and share it! :)

I was wearing:
Jacket: Spyder
Shirt: Goldbergh
Jeans: Esprit
Boots: Donchoo

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


LAST DAY IN THE SNOW Today was basically our last day here in Austria because we're leaving home by tomorrow. Paul and I had such an amazing time here in the snow and the mountains. We also had the best weather ever, I mean really the best. We had sun-overloaded days, when sometimes the sun was even so hot that the snow was melting away around noon. That was the perfect reason for us to wake up early for skiing when there was still nobody on the piste. That's just the best. If you're such a snow and wintersports maniac as we are you'll definitely know how we felt this week :).

Anyway, besides we enjoyed this week so incredibly much I hope you had a great week too! Maybe you also visited the snow or just had to work or go to school, which can be really good as well! Before having a deep sleep I want to show you this new outfit post which Paul and I shot in Amsterdam. If you follow me on my Instagram account you may have seen this huge hair-donut. I wasn't sure if it did look good because it's so big and I've too much hair, but after receiving so many great compliments I decided it is good. If you haven't seen it yet, then give your opinion now! :) Besides my hair-donut, I'm wearing a sweater which is definitely one of my favorites during the seasons. Because of the light colors you can combine it with everything and kissable image is just so adorable as well. And good news for you too, this amazing sweater is back in stock again! So run to Chicnova and have a look at the amazing items they offer! For now, I give you my last greetings from the snow and I'll see you back in Hollandia! XX

I was wearing:
Sweater: Chicnova
Trousers: Zara
Boots: Sendra
Bag: Tory Burch 
Hair-Donut: H&M

Monday, February 24, 2014


MORE KISSES FROM SNOW Hi sweethearts! Another post which I'm writing from the beautiful white Austria. We have such a blast here. The weather is beautiful (and I mean really beautiful, we only had sun with a clear blue sky) and the snow is great. With a day full of skiing it's time for laying warm and cozy in our hotel room bed to relax a little. Seriously, I'm even afraid of getting to much sun on my face, I'm still glowing! But the nice brown tan is coming on our faces and the freckles are everywhere around my nose and mouth. I always love getting these, they look so healthy :). 

For this post I have another look which we shot at home. I hope we will have some time besides the skiing to shoot an outfit post here as well :). Anyway, when I created this outfit I started with the scarf and hat. These were presents from my grandma some weeks before I got the cape I've shown you yesterday. The color of the items are really great I think and they matches perfect with my favorite leather jacket! (I really believe I have an addiction with leather but I think there isn't a more beautiful material than this. Do you know how I feel or did I just say something strange..?). 

So, I hope you like this outfit post! For now it's time to dress up nice and have a little drink downstairs :). We need to enjoy the evening from this already so beautiful day! Wish you all the best folks! Mwuah! XX

I was wearing:
Jacket: Ibana
Jeans: Zara
Wedges: MMM for H&M
Scarf and hat: Handmade

Sunday, February 23, 2014


AND GREETINGS FROM THE SNOW! Hi loves! So, while I'm writing this post I am laying in my bed, looking at the white mountains and I'm still glowing from this warm and sunny day. Last Friday Paul and I arrived in the beautiful Austria for a week full of fun and skiing. As you might know we have already visited this amazing country during Christmas but now it's time for our yearly ski-trip in February. There is only one change this year and it is that I am only with Paul. No family or other friends, just me and him. I'm so excited about being on holiday together! And I definitely know that this will be an amazing trip! Today was also the best, we were so blessed with this beautiful day. We had so much sun and snow on the piste! It can only be a little colder while we have this warm winter, it's so bad for the quality of the snow! But we expect more beautiful and more cold days to come so I'm sure it will be a perfect week!

As you might see these photos aren't in the snow here. We shot this outfit at home in Amsterdam (seriously, there isn't a better thing than buildings and bridges in Holland. A must see if you ever want to visit our small country!). Besides this amazing place this post is also very special for me. The reason why is because I'm wearing a very special vintage item, one from my grandma. It was so sweet how she gave me this amazing cape. Last week when I was at her place for dinner we went to the wardrobe, still talking and talking, and then she remembered this cape and thought it was perfect for me and my blog. I think it's so special to wear vintage items from your family, even more when they gave it with a personal message. Same with this cape which is made in Austria by the way, perfect match with where I am now haha. Besides the cape I also had to borrow this cute fur and colorful scarf. This was for borrow actually but we thought it looks very good with the cape. And in combination with my fav kind of trousers (leather, leather, leather!!) this look was made in a special way!

I was wearing:
Cape: Vintage from Austria
Trousers: Graham & Spencer
Boots: River Island

Thursday, February 20, 2014


THE GREAT GATSBY So, like I promised, here are the photos from the gala we had before I went to Frankfurt. The gala was organized from the school where Paul studies and the theme of the night was from the movie 'The Great Gatbsy'. Since I had to read the book and have seen both movies when I was in London I know everything about the story and that time period. (I really hated it by the way. I've never had read such a depressing story.. And sorry, I din't like the movies as well, the 1974 nor the 2013 film was good I think). Besides I don't like the story, I do loved the styles and that was exactly what it was about this night. Wearing feathers in my hair and and on my clutch bag while glitters everywhere on my dress was fantastic, I loved it! The dress I was wearing I ordered last minute at MyTheresa, it's from Alice+Olivia and I love it soooo much! Besides you can wear it on a gala like this, it's also perfect with some sandals in summer. A real investment piece I can say so. 

I really have to say that everyone was looking marvelous. All the girls dressed up so beautiful and the boys did look so good in suits. Same for my Paul by the way and I have to admit that what they always say is so true. You can't resist a man in a suit! Like you can see in the photos my eyes were almost heart-shaped haha. But back to the night. After a delicious dinner, Paul and I started dancing all of the time. That's why I had to remove my hair accessories by the end of the night, (so like you see in the last photo) which was a shame but so much more comfortable. That night they had a DJ but meanwhile there was a saxophonist which was a really awesome combination. That's why we could't stop dancing I think. But when we danced all night long, also my feeds did hurt a lot. So around 2 am we were done with partying and had the best sleep ever in this beautiful castle the Bilderberg in Venlo where we were staying at. The next day we woke up early and I went to Frankfurt like I told you before. So, this was the beginning of the weekend what made the story I've already told you complete! I hope you love the photos and the story of this gala as much as I do! XX

I was wearing:
Dress: Alice+Olivia (similar here)
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Zara
Hair accessories: Primark

Nails: O.P.I.