Monday, February 24, 2014


MORE KISSES FROM SNOW Hi sweethearts! Another post which I'm writing from the beautiful white Austria. We have such a blast here. The weather is beautiful (and I mean really beautiful, we only had sun with a clear blue sky) and the snow is great. With a day full of skiing it's time for laying warm and cozy in our hotel room bed to relax a little. Seriously, I'm even afraid of getting to much sun on my face, I'm still glowing! But the nice brown tan is coming on our faces and the freckles are everywhere around my nose and mouth. I always love getting these, they look so healthy :). 

For this post I have another look which we shot at home. I hope we will have some time besides the skiing to shoot an outfit post here as well :). Anyway, when I created this outfit I started with the scarf and hat. These were presents from my grandma some weeks before I got the cape I've shown you yesterday. The color of the items are really great I think and they matches perfect with my favorite leather jacket! (I really believe I have an addiction with leather but I think there isn't a more beautiful material than this. Do you know how I feel or did I just say something strange..?). 

So, I hope you like this outfit post! For now it's time to dress up nice and have a little drink downstairs :). We need to enjoy the evening from this already so beautiful day! Wish you all the best folks! Mwuah! XX

I was wearing:
Jacket: Ibana
Jeans: Zara
Wedges: MMM for H&M
Scarf and hat: Handmade