Wednesday, October 30, 2013


To stay warm these cold these I'm wearing lots of sweaters. I love them and I'm so happy that it's finally sweater -weather again. I don't know what makes me happier, a beautiful blue sky with sun and cold - or hot weather. Doesn't matter, it was great today! The fall starts beautiful with those amazing nature colors like this golden tree. I think, if it is a day like this with a blue sky, sun and cold, autumn is the most beautiful season there is. But only with this kind of weather ;P.

About my outfit, like I said, I love sweaters. This is a very special one. It was a gift from my parents-in-law before I left to London. It's not only warm because of the wool but also because of the fur. I really love this combination and that is what it makes it so special I think. In this outfit I combined it with my first, but still my favorite, leather legging ever. Season after season, it's still the best! Same for the Timberland boots by the way ;).

I was wearing:
Sweater: Goldbergh 
Trousers: Ginger
Boots: Timberlands
Bag: Oasap

Lipstick: Clinique Chubby Stick No. 06
Nail Polish: Mavala No. 176

Monday, October 28, 2013


Happy Monday! As you know my family was here in London to celebrate my birthday the weekend before last weekend. Well, here are the photos we made. I love to see these, I get a warm and lovely feeling from them. We had so much fun together and we enjoyed London a lot! The hotel were we slept was amazing and the breakfast was even better as you can see. I'm a huge breakfast lover, I think it's the most important part of the day, so my day couldn't even start better when I saw this. Birger muesli with fruits, yumm!

It was, besides all the shopping we did, also time to see some things from London. I wasn't able to see many things yet.. Well, we saw the Big Ben (didn't went into it) and some other beautiful buildings and old stones. Ok, I sound like a real cultural barbarian haha. But I'm not.. I just prefer other things ;P.
Further, the other photos are from my birthday dinner at the delicious restaurant Hakkasan, it was a great night with good food and much fun! Can't wait to be with them again!

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Happy weekend folks! Hope you're having a nice one :). These photos are from last weekend with my parents. It was a long time ago that I shoot with my brother actually, and I really missed it! And yeah I know that a telephone cell is a typical place to shoot in London but they are the best! 
About my outfit, I'm wearing my new boots from last post, what do you think? Aren't they amazing?! :)

I was wearing:
Dress: Zara
Coat: Zara
Bag: Oasap
Boots: River Island
Bracelets: Like IT Accessoires  

Thursday, October 24, 2013


As I promised the photos from my birthday presents! I really can say that I got some amazing new things into my wardrobe! Lets start with the first pics. The best thing on your birthday is receiving post cards. Even though I'm in London I received some sweet postcards which I'm so thankful for! I also got some cute flowers from my roommates, so sweet! In the second pic you see some amazing new necklaces. They weren't birthday presents but they are still new. I got them from my new sponsor Chicnova. Chicnova is an amazing online boutique with a great range of clothes and accessories! I can't wait to wear these beautiful necklaces and share them in different outfits! :). Another thing I got from a new sponsor is in the fourth pic.
I'm talking about the amazing bracelets I photographed. They are from Like IT Accessoires, a great upcoming jewelry brand from Holland. You really should go to their site and have a look of their great collection!

In the next photo you see my new boots which I got from my mom. They are amazing I think! I was looking for the perfect boots for a while now and finally, I got them! I love the embellishments, they make them so nice. They are from River Island by the way. The other present from my mom is in the sixth photo. I love this beautiful sparkling cropped top from TopShop! And then my birthday present which I got from my sweet little brother. I got this beautiful set of Chanel books in a box from him. I think it's beautiful to have nice books like these and lay them down on your make-up table and read them if you have some fashionable free time ;). And then at last but now least, these amazing leopard printed shoes from Russell & Bromley which was a present from my sweetest dad! Now I can say I had the best birthday ever. Not only because of the nice present but because of my family was here in London and of course Paul the week before! :)