Friday, March 14, 2014


SIMPLY CHANEL Happy weekend loves! For this weekend I would like to start with a new DIY. It already has been a long time ago since I posted a DIY and while this one was waiting for a while I though this was a good time to share it with you. There isn't that much to say about this DIY, I think it speaks for itself actually. My inspiration for this DIY was very simple. When I saw this beauty from Chanel for the first time I had to pinch myself. I have never though make-up tools can be so fashionable as well! But unfortunately not everyone has the budget for a Chanel eyelash curler, so do I.  So special for you a simple DIY to make your own eyelash curler for so much less than the real one. Besides you can make a Chanel curler, you can also choose for something else like your own name or another brand. Be creative and let's start crafting! The only things you need are:

- A eyelash curler (I used a black one for the luxury effect)
- Polish
- An old paintbrush
- A very tiny logo
- Scissors 

Good luck loves and enjoy crafting! Wish you all a wonderful weekend! XO