Tuesday, March 4, 2014


SPRING WITH SHEINSIDE A happy outfit for a happy day! Here in Holland you can feel the start of the spring which makes everybody so happy! Really, the terraces are getting overloaded and fresh drinks are never dull. And with this warm and sunny weekend coming it will be only more! How is that in your country? Do you already feel the spring vibes as well? Or maybe the opposite.. Tell me! I would love to hear. But because of the spring that is coming slowly our way, I thought it will be so good to celebrate it with a special outfit post! A spring outfit I should call it. Because there isn't a better thing than midi skirts and happy colors for this season! 

That's exactly the subject I want to talk about with you, the midi skirt. You all know it's a trend for a few seasons now, same for this coming season. But I've to admit that it is a hard item to wear. Normally you'll think that short skirts will make your legs look longer or if you wear a very long skirt you will look longer at all. Besides this, most of you will also think that the midi skirt will make you look shorter. Normally I would say that's true! Yes, it is a hard length but believe me, with the right tips and tricks you'll definitely rock it! And I will give you these tips and tricks!  

I hope you see it the same way like me, I don't look any shorter than I normally do in pictures. Okay, I'm just very tall at all but of course some things will make me look shorter while this midi skirt really don't. If you aren't that tall I can give you the best tip ever, but you will probably do it already, wear heels! Your legs will look so long with wearing heels and it will make every outfit complete, same for the midi skirt. But not anyone can walk on these beauties. I have to admit that I have the same problem with some heels. Than, go for a cute pair of flats. If you keep the attention on the skirt and not the shoes you'll also look longer. But, choose for a good matching pair! Like some nude ones for this skirt, like I did with the heels. 

Besides the shoes it's important to have a good match with what you're wearing above it. If you're wearing it with flats, keep it simple. Don't layer too much but chose a good top or shirt that is a little wider and put it into the skirt. It will blouse a little and that is the effect you want! If you chose for something thigh, you definitely have to wear heels. Than you'll look the longest! And yes, a good jacket will go perfect with it! Chose for a cool and shorter one for the best effect. Is it still a little too cold? Go for one which is as long as the skirt is or maybe even longer. Definitely not shorter!!

I hope you can do something with the tips and tricks to wear this fabulous item! For a great collection of midi skirts you really should have a look at Sheinside, they do have this amazing collection which is to die for! 

I was wearing:
Shirt: Massimo Dutti
Skirt: Sheinside
Clutch: Zara
Shoes: DIY
Necklace: DIY
Hairpin: Dresslily

Lips: Lancôme Gloss in Love No. 391
Nails: Lancôme No 343 B


  1. Such a bright and super chic outfit! You look gorgeous, like a modern day princess :)


  2. nice look ;))


    new post

  3. lovely skirt!
    new look on my blog!

  4. Your skirt is amazing, I like the outfit:)



  5. Very pretty outfit! Looks great on you

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