Tuesday, March 18, 2014


CHICNOVA SHIRT For today I have this sporty look to share with you. The look is based on the T-shirt which I received from Chicnova last week. For this season I'm really into the baseball look-like shirts. They are cool and sporty yet casual. You can combine this shirt with everything you want. It's nice with a jeans or a white one like I did but it will look great on a destroyed jeans or leather trousers as well. Maybe even a skirt. Hmm I really have to try that one out later! I also really like the dark blue with white. This color combination always give me a little pilot feeling. Even though this shirt really isn't in the pilot style.. But besides this shirt you can find so many more great items on their shop! Also many pilots shirt, just in case if you're looking for one ;P.

But when I wore this outfit I really needed my leather jacket. When it was such an amazing week last week, we have this sad rainy days now.. Please my beloved sunny, come back! For tomorrow I'll need my friend the most. After a very veeeery long time I will ride horse with my dad, outside. You may know that I love to ride horse and they're still one of my favorite animals (together with dogs) so I really look forward for this day! Let the sun shine I should say so! Besides the horse riding, I'll finally pick up my new laptop. This post will be my last one made on my old pink Vaio. After eight years of using she may rest in peace.. Still strange isn't it, saying goodbye to something technical but very important in life? Same for saying goodbye to your first car of mobile phone for example. They help you growing up, same for my oldie. Even though I'm so happy about being a total Apple user by tomorrow, I still have this sad strange feeling. But I believe when I see my new one the pain will take place for more than happiness :). See you tomorrow on my new and shiny friend! XO

I was wearing: 
Shirt: Chicnova (see more shirts here)
Jeans: Malene Birger
Sneakers: Hogan (similar here)
Rings: Dodo and Ti Sento