Sunday, March 30, 2014


SUNDAY FUNDAY First of all I hope you are still having a fabulous weekend! Today I worked on something I have promised to do and I am so excited to share everything. It's about a spring make-up look which you guys have been asked for. I really don't know why it took so long to do a new beauty post.. It's so much fun and I love writing about it so much! I really can talk for hours about make-up, hair and skin care and so on!

Since I was 15 years old I worked at a very big perfumery story here called Douglas (maybe you know it form your own country). So my ex-job really helped me with this addiction although, I have to admit that it is in the genes as well because my mom loves cosmetics too. Through the years we both saved so many make-up and perfumes that we can have our own store mwhaha. But as I promised earlier to show you my collection as well I will make a post about all my (our) beauty stuff very soon! I am thinking about creating a Make-up Monday actually, how does that sounds?

Stay ready is all I could say for now folks, tomorrow the blog will explode with some spring beauty images and advices! :). Normally I wear more natural make-up but for the shoot I loved it to work with some colors and the result became totally awesome. Okay I have to stop otherwise I'll already tell you everything.. Let's end my story with this post and new outfit. Like I told you before, I am so addicted with soft pink items at this moment so I literally fell in love with this new sweater. Besides the color it's really comfortable as well. That's why I created this comfy Sunday outfit. Hope you like it!

I was wearing: 
Sweater: Zara (cashmere one)
Scarf: Zara
Hat: Ted Baker



  1. Lovely outfit, I especially like your shoes and your scarf!
    Really excited to read more about your make-up!