Monday, July 30, 2012


Yesterday evening we came back home from a geat vacation! Our last three days we spent in Saint Tropez! Friends from my parents where in Saint Tropez and they invite us to come so we did. When we arrived on Thursday we went to the beach where we met everyone. After that we had dinner and go to the hotel (I'm really sorry for not posting by the way, there was no WiFi in the Hotel so I couldn't post..). Friday we rented a boat and spent the hole day on the sea. Our last day we went to the market in Saint Tropez and had dinner together at the beach. When we say goodbye to everyone we go home on Sunday morning. And now we're back in Holland, it's rainy and cold again.. Hope the sun return back soon!

The photos from this post are from my last look in Italy. I didn't make a lot of photos in Saint Tropez unfortunately, I was too busy with having fun haha. Next post I'll show you the goodies we bought. Have a great Monday! XO

Liu-Jo dress
H&M clutch
Cruciani bracelets

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Every Sunday Forte dei Marmi has a market at the square. They sell there beautiful cashmere scarfs, bags, leather and fur coats etc etc. I bought a fabulous pink cashmere poncho with leather fringes on it at the market, I'll show you it soon. I also got some photos from the popular bracelets I told you about. As you can see are there many models and colors, it's really hard to choose the nicest one haha.
Yesterday I went to Pisa with my beautiful family and of course we also visit the tower of Pisa. But after walking through the city and eating dinner we seen enough. The city isn't really beautiful and the food is much better in Forte dei Mami so I'm glad when we came back at the hotel. Today we had a day at the beach but unfortunately it was a little cloudy again.. Today was also our second last day here because Thursday we go further, but I haven't any idea where we go to so that's a surprise for me too! 

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Sunday, July 22, 2012


These photos are from yesterday. The day started a bit cloudy as you can see at the pictures but later that day the sun came and it was hot again. I wore a dress and hat that I bought here at the beach, and I think it's perfect to wear with this hot weather because it's really comfortable. The bracelets I bought here too, they are really popular here in Forte, everyone wears it! You have many models and colors, I'll show you the photos in the next post. Well this was the blog update for now, I have to dress up for dinner. I'm gonna eat the most delicious pizza ever again ;). Ciao! XO

Forte dei Marmi dress + hat
Cruciani bracelets
Rayban aviator sunglasses

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Friday, July 20, 2012


From Swiss to Italy, I already past my first 3 days vacation and I can tell you they are great. When we came in Luzern after a long trip on Tuesday we were welcomed with great weather. Wednesday we went to the city and oooh it’s so lovely there, the beautiful mountains and lake, love it! And than today we finally arrive in Forte dei Marmi and it’s so nice here too! The beach is beautiful even as the city, the shops and the food is so delicious! The weather is also great here so the thing I do is relaxing and getting a tan at the beach these days. I also have a lot things to see so I’m very curious about what this week brings! XO

H&M dress
Zara sequin skirt + sandals
Esprit basic top

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Monday, July 16, 2012


How can I make an outfit post when it is such a rainy awful day outside? That's the reason I'm so excited about tomorrow: I go on holiday! For two weeks I can enjoy the sun and relax at the beach, oeeeh I love life! Tomorrow we (my parents and lil bro) start traveling by car and have a break in Luzern in Swiss where we stay two nights, so on Wednesday I'm shopping in Luzern. Than Thursday we go further, we go to Forte dei Marmi in Italy for one week! I look for the weather in Italy and it's about 30 degrees over there, loveeee it! After that week we travel further but we have no idea where to go so that's a surprise.
In this post I show you the photos that I made on my instagram account last week (you can follow me here). The photos from the left to the right: 
1. Present from Douglas for the vacation #MissDior
2. New Zara jacket from the sale
3. Breakfast with the girls! 
4. My mom and I ready for Guerlain
5. Home
6. DIY: pimp your make-up brush! (tutorial soon on the blog)
7. Curls and black lips
8. Going out with my best friend
9. Present from the cutest Esprit team!

Well that's it for today, I go further with wrapping up my clothes. Speak you in Swiss! XO

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Saturday, July 14, 2012


Do you remember that I told you about the fleamarket in Amsterdam about 2 weeks ago? Well, except of the old stuff that I sold there I also found this cool baseball jacket from Roberto Cavalli for, don't be jealous, only €8!! Accidental I bought this yellow pants from Esprit in the same yellow color as the yellow in the jacket so it is a perfect match! The jacket has a little bit a destroyed look, therefor the low price, but that's what I like about it. Finally a vintage items that isn't my moms ;). Have a great weekend dears! XO

Roberto Cavalli baseball jacket
Esprit yellow jeans (similar here)
H&M basic t'shirt 
Michael Kors watch
Oasap studded bracelet + selfmade pink bracelet
Vintage backpack + boots

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Thursday, July 12, 2012


Yesterday I went to the Guerlain event at the Hilton hotel in Amsterdam. It was an event organized for Douglas and Ici Paris XL to reveal their new perfume: La Petite Robe Noire. The first perfume from Guerlain was L'Heure Bleue, created by Monsieur Guerlain himself. This was about a century ago and to celebrate the success from Guerlain, from the start until now, they made this beautiful new perfume. It has the same flagon as the old L'Heure Bleue but the fragrance is different. When you spray it you smell an explosion from roses, black cherries and liquorice. 

The event start at 07.30 pm. I was with my mom and colleagues from Douglas (see some of them in the pictures above) When we arrival at the hotel we were welcomed with a glass of champagne. When the tour thought the 'champs elysees' start they give us information about the perfume in small boutiques they made. They show and let taste us the ingredients from the perfume and they told us something about the history from Guerlain. After the tour we had a tasteful diner with an amazing live DJ, so we party and danced a little bit too! After all; a great night and a great new fragrance!

Mango sequin dress
Zara sandals

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Monday, July 9, 2012


Vacation so that means time for things you wanna do, in my case: time for a DIY! I had this mint colored jeans in my closed and I thought it was boring to look at so I take some white textile paint and a paintbrush and start painting my pants. The idea I had was a make a leopard print on it, but when I finish the pants I think it doesn't look like a leopard print but still love the result! Think I'll wear with many more times now. Hope you like my new DIY!

Zara pants (similar here)
Esprit top

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