Friday, August 31, 2012


Finally weekend, I survived my first school week, yeah! As I promised a post with my new leather jacket. Don't you think it's amazing??! I'm really in love but there is another thing that I really really like on this look and that is my new bag that I received from Oasap today. They have gorgeous things like this bag and the claw earrings I'm wearing, you must check out their shop! 
I've an exciting weekend ahead so I can't wait to tell you more about it the next post! Enjoy your weekend too my dear readers! XO

Oasap bag and earrings 
Zara leather jacket 
H&M t'shirt
Esprit jeans
Roberto d'Angelo boots
Italian scarf and belt 
Random jewelry 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


These are the photos that I made on my instagram account last week. Maybe you are already following me but if you aren't this is my page! Today was a really nice day, the weather was good so when I came home from school my boyfriend came and we had a dive at the swimming pool and crossed with the water scooter. With days like this I love life! Unfortunately there is another early and long school day waiting for me tomorrow.. But about my photos, there is one I want to explain to you. The big one in from the first pic is from today, after school I went to the shops and when I was in Zara I found this amazing leather jacket. When I saw it I fell in love, do you know that feeling? Well, I'll post about it soon! :) XO

Monday, August 27, 2012


Today was my first official day at school. It was so exciting to see everyone and get back to study again. I survived is as well and I think I'm ready for this year! This was my look for today, love the autumn colors. The day start a bit cold so I thought I've to wear something warm but during the day the sun came and it was warmer again. This is a jacket that I didn't show you yet but I bought it a while ago at the sale from Zara and I love it! I really love fringes and suede so this combination is perfect for me :).

Zara suede jacket and turtleneck 
Malene Birger white jeans
Escada bag
Roberto d'Angelo boots
Michael Kors watch
Tov Essentials bracelet
Self made earrings

Friday, August 24, 2012


I’m really addicted to make-up and when the new looks from every beautiful brand arrive I can’t leave it to buy something. The same story this time. The new Dior, LancĂ´me and Yves Saint Laurent look arrived at Douglas one week ago and I became crazy! Especially from the new Dior look ‘Golden Jungle’, beautiful!! If I had the money I would buy everything. This are the product that my mom and I bought from the new looks. I'm already addicted with using it, you must try them!

Antik Batik blouse
Pinko trousers 
Michael Kors watch
Tov Essentials bracelet
Vintage shoes and belt 
Rings from my mom


Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Baby blue, the colors that I'm wearing today. I have this little sweater for years now so it's really time to wear it some times. It's a designer piece from J.C. de Castelbajac, maybe you know him. His creations are amazing, you must Google it! I wear also my new boots that I bought last week which I'm in love with! You can wear them in two different ways, with or without leopard print. Further, it's over with the hot weather here and we have windy days like always. Friday starts my school again so it isn't so bad. 

J.C. de Castelbajac sweater
Roberto d'Angelo boots
Mango jeans
Random jewelry 


Monday, August 20, 2012


My apologies that I didn't post this weekend but the weather was too good to stay inside. I spent the hole weekend outside at the swimming pool and on the boat. Today it's nice again so when I'm done I go back outside for a dive in the water ;). How was your weekend? Hope you had also nice weather and had a lot of fun! About my outfit, because of the heath you want to minimize your outfit. I wear a suede shirt as a dress and of course with a pair of sandals. Have a good Monday! X

Arma suede shirt
Italian sandals 
Accessorize bag 
Random bracelets
Self made earrings