Tuesday, April 29, 2014


NEW SHOES Happy day loves! When we were having this really sad and rainy weather outside today, I was working really hard to get the newer and better Floortjeloves finished in time. The release date is at the first of May and for how it looks now we'll make it in time. We are working as hard as we can to release the new site the first! All I can say for now it that I am excited as hell and I can't wait for it! It's my biggest project until now and it have been a huge dream for me since Floortjeloves became so big. One more day full of patience is all I can say for now guys, but it will come soon! :) :)

So for today there isn't a new website but I do have this new outfit to share with you. This nude look basically began with my new shoes from Dune Black. Yesterday I was in Amsterdam for a casting and afterwards I went to the city self. My mom was with me so we had a real, unexpected, good time. That is also the place where I bought the shoes. When I saw them I immediately fell in love. The shape, the color and those amazing diamonds on the toes are just too good to be true! At the moment I am busy with saving money for my dream bag (and I am almost so far I got it) which is in soft pink. Now I already have the matching shoes you can say so haha. But the bag, that's also a surprise!

At last, as if we're still talking about shoes, I want to share my thoughts with you about this great app I told you earlier about. Okay you know it, SnapGet. For now they removed it from the App Store, don't worry it's for a little while. They're so busy with improving the app so you can literally Snap every shoe you want when it is available again. I can't wait for that because, me as a shoe lover, can't get enough of searching for the perfect pair of shoes! Wish you the best folks, Mwuah!XX

I was wearing:
Sweater: HOMIES
Pants: Zara (similar)
Shoes: Dune Black 
Necklace: Chicnova
Rings: Dodo and Ti Sento
Bag: Louis Vuitton (similar from DKNY)

Nails: Yves Saint Laurent No. 08

Monday, April 28, 2014


MAKE-UP MONDAY Hi loves! A fresh start of a new week so time for a beauty post. Today I would like to talk with you how to archive the perfect eyeliner. As you might know I don't wear eyeliner so often but if I wear it, it must be perfect. To create a good liner you need a little patience and a eyeliner self. The one I used is from Yves Saint Laurent. For me Yves is one of the best make-up brands when it comes to quality and colors.

For this cat-eye look I used a soft point liner. You have many different sorts like a pencil which is a harder one. Those are also very easy in use but most of the time you can only get them in black. Black is a little too hard for my light colored eyes so I chose brown instead of black. That's the same for when I make smokey-eyes by the way. My tip: if you have light eyes than go for brown or green. It will look much prettier than black!

In the photos I teach you step by step how to create these sexy cat-eyes. Wish you lost of fun by trying it out yourself! Big kisses xxx

Sunday, April 27, 2014


CASUAL IN BLACK First of all I hope you had a great time these last days! Yesterday was my day off from the blog because we had King's day here in Holland. We always had a Queen since last year. It's still so strange to change the name of a day you've always called Queen's day. But no matter if the name has changed or not, we had a great time and so did the rest of our small country. We are all proud of our Kingdom and that must be celebrated right? :)

I celebrated the day in Amsterdam, where it actually all happens. In the morning until the late noon I was with my cousin at a festival. We really enjoyed the music and the good weather. Around dinnertime the music changed and when we didn't liked it anymore we decided to go to Paul his place. We had a relaxed evening there with some of his friends. So for me it was a chilly day with lots of fun. Hope you guys who live in Holland also had a great time and if you don't live in Holland I hope the same!

But I need to tell you more about what happend last week. My last post was all about the DIY I made so I really didn't told you guys anything from the event I had with Danie Bles last Tuesday. Well I can say to you; I had a huge blast that day! It was so much fun to work with their team. The item we have presented was a special poncho designed by Danie. The special thing about the item is that you can wear it in so many different ways, so not only as a poncho. I really hope I'll find enough photos to show you guys the parade! For now I wish you a great Sunday as long as is last and see you guys tomorrow! X

I was wearing:
Blazer: Esprit (similar here)
Shirt: H&M (more stripes I love)
Trousers: Brian Dales (another beauty)
Loafers: Gucci
Rings: Dodo and Ti Sento
Earrings: DIY

Nails: Yves Saint Laurent No. 08

Friday, April 25, 2014


Needs to start

Start drawing the hearts and lips on your fabric

Cut out your patterns and fill them with glue. After you did this you can put your beads on it. Use any color and sort you like for the real Stella effect

Same for these, glue them on the fabric and cut them out until you don't see the fabric anymore

Work with needle and tread to make your embellishment on your skirt. Mix them in any direction you like! 

After you made every embellishment on your skirt you can start with the finishing touch! Use more diamonds and some sequins and your skirt will be done! 

HAPPY CRAFTING DAY SWEETIES! For today I am so excited to share this new DIY with you. Lately I have been so enthusiastic about the collection from Stella McCartney. The bags and clothes with all those amazing embellishments like hearts, lipstick and diamonds are just to die for! In my dreams I would run to the shop and buy everything, but unfortunately I can’t.. Not everybody has the budget to get an item of this amazing collection so let’s make it ourselves right?! That is exactly what we’re going to do now, create our own Stella item for less. In this DIY I made the skirt but of course you can choose something else. Like the bag or dress, maybe a shirt. Let’s be creative and let your creativity go!

With just a little patience you will create this piece so let’s start. The things you need are:
-       A skirt (I used a pink one from H&M but you can use any colour or item you like)
-       Lots and lots of beats, stones and sequins 
-       Scissors
-       Glue
-       Needle and thread
-       A piece of fabric

Below every photo I described every step to make it easier for you to make your Stella item. I always get so inspired by the designer collections which was my inspiration for this one a 100%. Enjoy crafting and good luck with making your own! Wish you also a very happy weekend!! XX