Friday, April 11, 2014


DESTROYED DENIM SKIRT The sun is shining, it's warm outside so time to show those legs again! I did this by wearing an amazing denim skirt. I am sure you all wear a jeans once, twice or maybe more in one week. You'll definitely have some pair of denim pants in your closet. They're always good, you can combine them in every way you want to and they're so comfortable! (also very important..) But do you also wear denim skirts? I am sure you won't wear them so often as a jeans or maybe don't even have them in your closet. To be honest, I didn't had one for years until yesterday.

Many people think that denim skirt are sooo over and from the past. But all you fashionistas know that fashion comes from the past, it keeps on repeating. Same for the denim skirt! I am sure you have seen them in the shops more often, in magazines and (my favorite) on the streets. Okay let's come to the point I want to say. Denim skirts are hot and perfect for your spring and summer looks!

The denim skirt I have chosen is a destroyed and washed one. That means the color isn't equal which gives it a nice image. So this skirt is far away from a classy or girly one. To make this look more street style I combined it with a white tee. Love this one by the way. It has embellishments in the neckline so it's more than just a simple white t'shirt. I finished this look with a tartan shirt. Not to wear it but to tie it on my hips. This made my look street style ready!

Wish you all a great weekend folks! Mwuah!XX

I was wearing:
Shirt: Levi's (similar here)
T'shirt: Zara (LOVE this one)
Skirt: H&M (more denim)
Shoes: Pollini (snake ones)
Bracelets: Selfmade 
Rings: Dodo and Ti Sento



  1. love the way you wear the shirt around your waist!

  2. You look awesome. I love that cool skirt :)

    xx Mira

  3. Cool look!!
    You are so beautiful!!!
    Happy WE!!!

  4. Super nice and simple look! Thank you for your comment!

    - MR ÀLEX BURCH blog -