Monday, April 28, 2014


MAKE-UP MONDAY Hi loves! A fresh start of a new week so time for a beauty post. Today I would like to talk with you how to archive the perfect eyeliner. As you might know I don't wear eyeliner so often but if I wear it, it must be perfect. To create a good liner you need a little patience and a eyeliner self. The one I used is from Yves Saint Laurent. For me Yves is one of the best make-up brands when it comes to quality and colors.

For this cat-eye look I used a soft point liner. You have many different sorts like a pencil which is a harder one. Those are also very easy in use but most of the time you can only get them in black. Black is a little too hard for my light colored eyes so I chose brown instead of black. That's the same for when I make smokey-eyes by the way. My tip: if you have light eyes than go for brown or green. It will look much prettier than black!

In the photos I teach you step by step how to create these sexy cat-eyes. Wish you lost of fun by trying it out yourself! Big kisses xxx