Friday, April 4, 2014


TECHNOLOGY Hi loves! So for today I have this really cool new item to share with you. Like I told you in yesterday's post it is about a new innovation when it comes to technology. It's something you use in your daily life but always forget to take with you (I do actually). It's easy in use, small to take with you and it is also the perfect gift to your friend, family or lover. I do have issues with buying presents for example my dad and it's his birthday tomorrow, so hey! Birthday giffft!

Okay I'll no longer let you guys wait. I am talking about this amazing new product called Nomad. Their point of view was totally the same as mine, something you always forget and you use often. Now they made a solution for this. World smallest Phone chargers. I'll explain it. You can get it for your iPhone 5(s) or your Android Phone and you have two different sizes. One for in your wallet which is the same size as your credit card. If you always carry your wallet with you this one is definitely something for you. You'll always have a charger for you Smartphone with you. 

Besides the card, there is one for your keys. It's actually a key ring and charger at the same time. So, if you're not caring your wallet always with you but your keys, then you should get this one! It also looks kind of cool actually. Everybody would be asking you what kind of cool stuff is on your keys! Anyway, I chose both because I couldn't make a decision. I always have my wallet with me but also my keys. So if I forget one of them, I still have my charger with me right?! Best solution for this problem I think so. 

Nomad is just a really cool gadget. Not only for yourself but also as a gift. I do have some gifts now, one for my dad, one for my brother and one for Paul. Okay not for my mom because she wouldn't use it anyway haha. Also a good thing, it's not really expensive! When you go to a phone store you have to pay at least $50 for some stupid unnecessary gadgets. This one from Nomad is just $29 and you can order it right now at And if you get them three new costumers you'll get Charge Key or Card for free! We love that right?