Friday, April 25, 2014


Needs to start

Start drawing the hearts and lips on your fabric

Cut out your patterns and fill them with glue. After you did this you can put your beads on it. Use any color and sort you like for the real Stella effect

Same for these, glue them on the fabric and cut them out until you don't see the fabric anymore

Work with needle and tread to make your embellishment on your skirt. Mix them in any direction you like! 

After you made every embellishment on your skirt you can start with the finishing touch! Use more diamonds and some sequins and your skirt will be done! 

HAPPY CRAFTING DAY SWEETIES! For today I am so excited to share this new DIY with you. Lately I have been so enthusiastic about the collection from Stella McCartney. The bags and clothes with all those amazing embellishments like hearts, lipstick and diamonds are just to die for! In my dreams I would run to the shop and buy everything, but unfortunately I can’t.. Not everybody has the budget to get an item of this amazing collection so let’s make it ourselves right?! That is exactly what we’re going to do now, create our own Stella item for less. In this DIY I made the skirt but of course you can choose something else. Like the bag or dress, maybe a shirt. Let’s be creative and let your creativity go!

With just a little patience you will create this piece so let’s start. The things you need are:
-       A skirt (I used a pink one from H&M but you can use any colour or item you like)
-       Lots and lots of beats, stones and sequins 
-       Scissors
-       Glue
-       Needle and thread
-       A piece of fabric

Below every photo I described every step to make it easier for you to make your Stella item. I always get so inspired by the designer collections which was my inspiration for this one a 100%. Enjoy crafting and good luck with making your own! Wish you also a very happy weekend!! XX


  1. This is a really great idea. And I really love your photos of the step by step process.