Saturday, August 31, 2013


This was the first day of our beautiful holiday in France. After a long ride from 6 hours we arrived in Beaugency, a small but beautiful place near to Orléans. We were staying in an eleventh century abbey which was also very nice! The building was beautiful and everything was in a good condition. The village was also very small and old, the people were really friendly and it was a very good place to eat and have a look around. Unfortunately, the next day we had to leave early because we were going to some other exciting places in France, one step closer to St. Maxime, our final destination. 

About my trip to London, the pressure gets high.. I'm a bit stressful with packing my stuff because I have to much stuff I want to take with me! My flight is tomorrow at 1:05 pm, so excited! It's really hard to miss my sweet parents, brother and boyfriend, so hope they come visit me as soon as possible! 
See you in London!

Thursday, August 29, 2013


I was very excited when I received my package from this week! You may all know that I'm a huge fan of their bags and that's why I ordered a bag again. This time I received a really cool blue bag with the famous Kenzo tiger on it. How nice is this one?! I'm totally in love! You can wear it in two different ways, as a clutch bag or as a shoulder bag with the included chain. For me, is this the perfect bag for this year!

It's also time for a London update, I have only 2,5 days left before my flight and I'm a bit stressful. I have to pack clothes, shoes and accessories for 3 months! HELP! How does a fashionista do that??!! 

I was wearing:
Goosecraft leather jacket
French jeans and scarf
Zara sandals

Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick No. 58
KOH Nail Polish No. 307

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Before I show you the other photos from our holiday in France I have an outfit post and some exciting news to tell you.. Next Sunday, the first of September I'm going to London for 3 months! I just finished school and I've always to do a languages course in another land. As you know my English is not the best so that's why I'm going to London, to study my English. 

I'm very excited about this adventure but also a bit scared, I've never been to London before and so far away from my home, my family and friends but I also can't wait to go! If you have any good spots I must visit please let me know! By the way, I take my laptop and camera with me so don't worry, we stay in touch!  :)

I was wearing:
Suncoo Paris top
Zara trousers
Ibiza bag
Gabriele flats

Clinique Chubby Stick No. 05
Herôme Nail Polish No. 80

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Ready to rock our second holiday! France here we come!

Welcome to la France!

Finally we arrived at St. Maxime! 

We have an amazing time here in St. Maxime!

These ice creams are definitely the most beautiful ones we have ever eaten!

Today we had an amazing day in Cannes at the beach. So in love!

We had some other beautiful days here in France, Cannes was amazing!

Thank you France for the beautiful holiday! This was the day we leave to home..

We finally arrived home after a beautiful holiday in France! Thanks to my lovely parents, brother and boyfriend for the best summer ever!

Last days in France - Annecy

Beautiful memories from France with my love!

After posting lots of photos from our Ibiza holiday, it's finally time to share you the photos from our last holiday to France. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen some of these, if you didn't here they are! We had an amazing holiday and I really can't wait to share you the other amazing photos we have made! Mwuah! X!