Saturday, August 31, 2013


This was the first day of our beautiful holiday in France. After a long ride from 6 hours we arrived in Beaugency, a small but beautiful place near to Orléans. We were staying in an eleventh century abbey which was also very nice! The building was beautiful and everything was in a good condition. The village was also very small and old, the people were really friendly and it was a very good place to eat and have a look around. Unfortunately, the next day we had to leave early because we were going to some other exciting places in France, one step closer to St. Maxime, our final destination. 

About my trip to London, the pressure gets high.. I'm a bit stressful with packing my stuff because I have to much stuff I want to take with me! My flight is tomorrow at 1:05 pm, so excited! It's really hard to miss my sweet parents, brother and boyfriend, so hope they come visit me as soon as possible! 
See you in London!


  1. Cute photos :)

  2. Have a safe flight and welcome to London!
    Don't worry if you forget to pack any clothes - just another excuse to visit Oxford street and Selfridges 100's of times! :p

    Monochrome Magpie

  3. Wonderful pics, I like the last pic:)



    Good luck for London!