Tuesday, December 31, 2013


HAPPY NEW YEAR! One year has passed by and this 2013 was a big year for me. I went to the most beautiful places in Europe but we started this year in Malaysia. I graduated to my fashion study TMO and went to London for three months to improve and study my English. Also Floortjeloves is becoming bigger and bigger. I never had so many emails to answer every week and I'm trying to plan my time the best way I can to make my blog to a huge succes, and I'm on my way! But besides all these beautiful things that made 2013 sublime(!) there is one more..  This April I met Paul, the love of my life. I have never been so happy and in love with someone and I hope we can share the rest of our lives together. So, that's the main reason why he is featured in this special post, because 2014 will be the best year ever and we will share it together! We will make all our dreams come true!

I hope you loved reading Floortjeloves this year and I can't wait to share more for 2014! In this little overview of last year I also want to thank you for making this year so great for me. I can't be more grateful to have you as my followers. You all make me so happy by sharing and saying all those lovely things, every day again.

My dearest lovely ones, I wish you all the best for 2014. May all you dreams come true and may you live in happiness and health with you beloved ones! Big kisses from Floortje(loves)!! XX 

Saturday, December 28, 2013


LEAVING FROM THE SNOW So today was basically our last day here in Ischgl. Tomorrow we’re heading home after an amazing holiday in the mountains and snow. Santa has listen to my Christmas-wish because the last two days were the best. Much snow en a hot sun (but sill, I was freeeezinggg. I’m that kind of persons that’s always having cold, no matter what kind of weather or what I wear..). It’s always a shame to leave from such a good place but it’s also so good to go home and sleeping in my new room again! Can’t wait for that, didn't do it that much before we went actually.. And we don’t have to be sad because in February we’re back in the mountains! Not Ischgl then, but Serfaus, same place and group like last year but this time with Paul. I can call myself so lucky to travel that much with my beloved ones and I hope it will be more and more in the future!

Besides we’re busy with our departure (it’s always a rush again to pack you stuff in time) I want to show you this outfit post we shot in our home town. I’m wearing a tartan plaid cape which we had for years but also didn't worn for years so I thought it was nice to wear it someday, I mean, Tartan is the key-item at the moment right? So in the pocket! To make this look a little more edgy I combined it with my destroyed DIY jeans and my Hunter wedges which are totally winter perfect! I mean, water-proof but still fashionable? I love it!

I was wearing:
Cape: Vintage
Jeans DIY
Wedges: Hunter
Bag: From my mom ;)

Lipstick: Guerlain Lèvres Lips M65

Thursday, December 26, 2013


HO HO HO HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Finally it was there, Christmas time. The most cozy time of the year. It was strange but also so nice and lovely to celebrate in here in Ischgl in the snow which I never did before! (Even though the weather can be better, more snow and sun please!). This year it was also the first time for me to celebrate Christmas with my sweet Paul and his family and I couldn't say how grateful I am to be here with him and our beloved ones. That makes this Christmas even more special. On Christmas Eve we had dinner together and gave each other presents. Besides it is already a present to be here, it's always nice to receive some touchable ones as well haha. I can't wait to show you what I've got this year! :). So, Tuesday was more about cozy time together. In contrast to Tuesday we went out on Christmas day with the young people. We couldn't ski that day because of the bad weather so it was time for some action and that's also why we went out. Not only because of that of course, also because it was just so good to celebrate it that way together! So that's basically my little excuse for my late Christmas post this year. I was planning to do it on Tuesday to wish you all a Merry Christmas but there wasn't time for it. Anyway, even though I am a little late with my wishes I hope you had the best Christmas ever full of love and happiness!

I already told you about what I was going to wear this Christmas and in these photos you see the result. I am wearing my gorgeous red skirt from Choies which I still like so much! The funny thing was that Paul thought he really wouldn't like this outfit but when the evening was there he fall in love with it hihi :).

I was wearing: 
Skirt: Choies (other colors here)
Top: Topshop
Heels: Zara

Lipstick: Estée Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting No. 1AE

Monday, December 23, 2013


OUTFITS TO HAVE Hey guys, for today's post I want to introduce you to a new site which I just discovered. It's called Handpicklook and their shop is amazing. They sell clothes for every type of woman with matching accessories like handbags, jewelry and shoes. Their style is not boring and the same all the time, no definitely not. They are innovating and try to mix and match styles as much as possible. So, like I said, every type of woman with every kind of style can shop at Handpicklook. Another good thing, they sell dresses and other clothes for every kind of occasion. You can find there your new party outfit for the coming Holiday season but you can also have a look there for you daily casual look. My advice to you: go to their site and get surprised about their shop!

In this post I'm not only talking about their site, I also want to show you some outfits I have picked together which I really like. I tried to create three different looks for three different types of women. The first outfit is more classic with the contrast dress with quilted leather. I thought it was nice to combine it with a simple bag, but in blue to give this outfit a little touch of color. Wear this outfit with red lipstick and you're ready to go out shopping in style! For the second outfit I tried to create a little more young and edgy outfit and therefor I used a leather dress which I personally really like. What I also like is wearing something simple with a statement necklace, so that's what I added to this look. Give it a bag and it's ready to go! For the third and also the last look I kept it more casual and easy going. This is a perfect outfit to go to your work, go out shopping or even for a special occasion. The green chiffon dress (including belt) is really a multi-dress. Wear it with a small clutch in matching color and off you go!

Outfit 1                                       Outfit 2                               Outfit 3
Contrast Dress                              Leather Dress                     Green Dress
    Blue Leather Bag                         Multi leather bag               Green Lace Clutch
                                                         Crystal Flower Necklace     Glitter Hair Accessorize 

Saturday, December 21, 2013


READY TO CELEBRATE While I'm writing this post I'm laying in my hotel-room bed, broken and tired after a wonderful day of skiing. I believe this is one of the best things in life. Snow, mountains, good cold weather with sun and skiing with people you love. I am skiing from the age of, what is it exactly, 3? And yes I was terrible when I started, my parents told me that I was crying all the time. Instead of crying now I could only smile because I'm enjoying it so much. Not that I am the best skier of the slopes but I'm trying and I'm getting better and better every season. Actually, I used to ski very good when I was about 10 years old but then I started growing so fast and my legs just didn't want to do anymore what I was asking from them haha. So year after year I'm getting them under control and start enjoy skiing more and more again.

This Friday we drove in the very early morning to Ischgl (it's a new skiing place for me but I'm already loving it) and we arrived around noon. So yesterday after our arrival we did some drinks and my parents in law have shown me the place (yes I'm with them and Paul now but my parent and brother are coming tonight. One big happy family I should say so!). With the beautiful and sunny weather of today we had an amazing day upstairs. The snow was perfect and (gladly) it was not that busy so you had the space and could ski everywhere. But that's going to change I'm afraid of, next week will start a very busy week here. Actually, the season is starting then. That's why we are so grateful for this day, no wait, we are grateful to be here anyway. I mean, we all love skiing and snow and mountains so much and we are here all together to enjoy it together. That's like a present itself right? About presents, maybe you know what I'm about to say, but Christmas is coming and we're celebrating it here. How lovely is that! I've never been on winter-holidays while the Christmas season was there. It's unbelievable but last year we were in warm and cultural Malaysia (where we had the most beautiful holiday EVER) and now we are in the snow drinking wine and beer. A huge different but so lovely!

I was wearing:
Jacket: Dept
Top: topshop
Trousers: Karl Lagerfeld (vintage)
Boots: Zara 
Clutch: Oasap

Lipstick: Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting No.1AE

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


STAYING WARM AND LAYERING Yes it's getting colder in Holland and with the mountains of the winter sport in prospect I have to layer more and more to stay warm. But I love to. Actually, maybe I like winter clothes more that clothes for the summer because of all the layering. You can wear as many things as you want and can start mixing and matching until you die (figuratively of course), which you can't do in summer because than it is really getting to warm. Don't get me wrong because I'm more a summer person than a winter person but the cold for like, what should I say.., four months? That's perfect for me! So let's start with dressing up against the cold outside! For this cold day I chose an ice-blue warm and fluffy sweater in combination with this fur vest/coat. And yes, it was warm enough for me! :) Did you already see the difference by the way? As you may have read in last post I was going to the hairdresser for a new fresh Holiday-ready coupe. I also was afraid to go but now I'm not anymore because I really like it this time. It's a bit shorter and my hair is getting her volume and shine back! I think I'm Christmas ready now, what is your opinion?? Would love to hear it from you! 

The other thing a have talked about were the Christmas present I had to buy. Gladly, I got them all and I hope everybody will be happy with them! It's so hard to find something matching to someones personality and to be original as well. For my mom it's never a hard problem but for my dad.. and brother.. and boyfriend.. Pfoe, why do boys always have to be so difficult?! But I've some things which I think they'll be happy with. If you have no idea what to buy, feel free to contact me! Maybe I can give you my inspiration ;). Talking about contacting, some of you asked me to do a post about my new room (which is coming soon!) and to show my make-up and clothes collection. So I had a thought that it would be nice to make a video about it! I've already told you that I really want to make videos this new year so maybe this is a nice idea for my first one! :)

I was wearing:
Sweater: Topshop
Jeans: Diesel
Vest/coat: Zara
Bag: Dolce & Gabbana (similar here or here)
Shoes: Russel & Bromley (similar here)

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture à Lèvres No.12