Sunday, December 1, 2013


GOLDEN BAROQUE BAG Hi my lovelies, how was your weekend? Hope you had a great one! I'm so so sorry that I didn't post these last few days but I couldn't. I had to post on Friday but I came home very late and I didn't had the energy to do it. The reason why I came home late was special so I hope you can forgive me ;P. Paul and I are together for already a half year this Saturday. But unfortunately we couldn't celebrate it that day because I was on a secondhand fair to sell all my old stuff and toys (bye bye childhood..) and Paul had an event. A little explanation, when I had my last week in London Paul went to India with school. They started a project to build schools there for the children, which is totally amazing! So the event was like a benefit day and night. They organized a rally for all the sponsors and had a dinner at night with an auction at last. They raised so much money for the foundation to build the schools, this all for the children in India to give them a better future. I'm so proud that he (and of course the rest of his team) did this! But anyway, that was the reason why we couldn't celebrate it then, so we decided to celebrate it on Friday. On Thursday I went to Amsterdam with my mom for some shopping (!!) and at the end of the day I stayed with Paul. We had a lovely night together and the day after was also great. I can't wait for the next six months together!! :)

But that's the reason why I couldn't post, busy busy busy.. Hope you'll forgive me :). I have so many great things I want to share with you, so I promise to post more this coming week. So let's start with this post. When I came home I received this bag in my first days. I can't say how happy I'm with this one. It's so nice! And I really love the combination of a total black outfit with gold accessories. They make it bright and chic, don't you think so?? The bag is from Oasap, so have a quick look at their site to see more of their amazing collection! Oh and by the way, next week I'll be very busy too because I'll finally start with rebuilding my room!! I have wait for this moment for so many years now and I really can't wait to begin tomorrow! And yes, I'll do a before and after post to share the result with you ;).

I was wearing:
Cape: Arma
Trousers: Goldsign
Bag: Oasap
Shoes: Isabel Marant
Necklace: Tov Essentials

Lipstick: Dior Rouge Nude No. 459
Nail Polish: Dolce & Gabbana No. 215


  1. Such a cool and unique bag!

  2. super cool!
    new post!

  3. nice look ;-)))

    new post

  4. Mooie outfit! En wat een superleuke tas!

    XX Sonja

  5. Nice outfit and the bag is great!

  6. ohhhh! I fell in love with this bag ... at first sight! Congratulations ... for your style!

    Love, Irenestylelife!

  7. Cute bag! Love your cape too!

  8. The cape is lovely, I like your outfit:)



  9. Lovely bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nice look!
    Have a good week!
    Angela Donava