Tuesday, April 1, 2014


MONTH OF CHANGES I just discovered that I have super powers!!.. No just kidding because it is the first of April today which is all about jokes. What did you do to you make your friend, family or partner laugh? I didn't made any jokes yet because people never believe me and they always see that I am just kidding. The bad thing is, I always believe other ones. For example this morning when Paul told me it will snowing next week. 20 to 50 centimeter! So I started searching on the internet like crazy to make sure it won't snow. Afterwards he laugh so hard because yes, his joke was succeeded and I looked like a fool..

Anyway, this April is also the month of changes. Of course I am talking about the new Floortjeloves, a project we started a few months ago which will be released this month!! I am so excited! I just had a meeting to have a look at the site now and how we should make it perfect. With a little bit of luck it will be ready for you within two week so a little more patience and fingers crossed! 

At last I have some new news about SnapGet, did you already notice that it was at a TV show? They already called it the Shazam for shoes which is actually so true! Never though of this comparison but it is perfect. I mean, listen to the music and get it is basically the same as Snap a pair of shoes and Get it yourself. Unfortunately the app has to wait for Apple users because it isn't available yet but if you use Android you really should get it. Then you can already start Snappin' like for example my Gucci loafers. If you make a photograph, cut it and enter it you'll get this shoes or some similar ones. Brilliant isn't it?! 

I was wearing:
Blazer: Esprit (another beautiful one)
Shirt: Persunmall
Pantalon: Vintage Donaldson (similar)
Loafers: Gucci
Bag: Dolce & Gabbana (other one here)
Rings: Dodo and Ti Sento

Nails: Marbert No. 69 (similar here)


  1. nice look, love it!!!
    new look on my blog!

  2. So cute outfit...elegant an versatile, and you make it so fresh!! Kisses ;-)


  3. Such a great bag and blouse! You look beautiful!


  4. you are so pretty! love the way you wear red lipstick and red nails in combination with the blouse.


  5. Such a great modern interpreation of an office look but your most beautiful accessoire is your smile :-)