Monday, March 31, 2014


MAKE-UP MONDAY Beauty post it is! When we shoot these images yesterday I already couldn't wait to show you everything and now the time is finally there. You guys have been asking me for some make-up posts serval weeks, months, years so let's start with this one. A spring ready make-up look. When I created this look I started searching for the perfect spring colors. Okay it's so obvious, every tree gets green and the fresh pink and coral flowers are growing everywhere. Now you can already understand why I exactly chose for these colors for my look. The green and golden eyes, pink cheeks and coral lips and nails.

I tried to combine every kind of make-up together. From cheap to something more expensive, items from my daily routine and items I don't use so often. Let's get started with the beginning! A good basic make-up is very important because it will make you look fresh and the other make-up will come out more. I am not a huge fan of foundations etcetera (you'll look like an apple pie and for me it feels like my skin can't breath anymore) so I always use this fantastic Chanel Vitalumière Aqua Beige Rosé No. 22. It's basically a compact foundation so it's perfect to correct some spots and as a base for your eyes. The name already says that it's a very light one as well. You really don't feel like wearing tons of make-up so I can really recommend this one! 

The next step also belongs to my daily routine which is a good bronzing powder and sweet blush. The powder I always use is from Guerlain called Terracotta Light Brunettes No. 03. The thing which makes this one so perfect for me is the different colors in this pallet so you'll never get too brown or to pink. It's also without a shimming which I hate in bronzing powders. They make you look shiny and that isn't really what you want.. (even more when your skin is a little oily than you really have to avoid these shiny ones!) At last the blush where you can use a shiny and glittery one if you like because you'll only use it for your cheeks. Mines is from the new make-up collection from Dior Blush Trianon Edition No. 763 and it's totally amazing! It's the best pink color for my cheeks and it really suits with my daily wear. If you are blonde and have a light skin like me this color can be really nice as well as a more orange one. If you're a brunette I should go for a blush with more brown and dark orange colors. This will make you shine as well! 

That was the basic, let's do the most fun part: the eyes. Like I said I really wanted to combine the colors with the colors you see outside. Before I applied the eyeshadow I wanted to do my eyebrows. I just made them in a little better shape with this Anastasia highlighting kit, afterwards I also used the lightest highlighter for below my eyebrow. When it was done I finished it up with some clear eyebrow gel from the same brand (which I forgot to photograph) to keep them in shape. Now the eyes. I used the BeYu Eye Base before I applied the eyeshadow because it will last so much longer. Then, with a soft brush you can apply the gold which you'll use for your total eyelid. I used one from L'Oréal Paris No. 151 (similar from Mac here). After you did this you can apply the green in your arcade arch. Therefor I used Yves Saint Laurent Ombre Solo No. 05. The best way to do this is keeping your eyes a little bit open and use the soft but round brush. Now you have a good basic and go further with making it in a perfect green shape. A little more brush here and there!

To finish your eyes you need a very pointy black pencil so make sure you have sharpen it perfectly. The one I used is from Estèe Lauder Artist's Eye Pencil No. 01 but of course you can use any kind of black pencil for this step! Now you will start to create a very fine line. Close your eye and do it with patience is all I can say. After you did this you'll do it again but this time with a golden crème eyeshadow and a hard eyeshadow brush. This crème eyeshadow is from Chanel Illusion d'Ombre No. 89 which is really cool because you can do so many things with it! Anyway, when you did this you're almost done. The last step is the mascara. Curl you lashes a little bit while you're using a eyelash curler and then apply your favorite mascara! Mines are Dior New Look and Lancôme Doll Eyes

You're done with the hard work! Apply a lipstick which is the same color as your nails and your spring make-up look is ready! The nail polish I used isn't in the stores anymore I am afraid of because it's already too old but here is something similar. The lipstick I used is from Yves Saint Laurent called Rouge Pur Couture No. 17 which absolutely is my favorite color ever!

Okay loves, this was the first Make-up Monday but I am sure there will follow many more! I enjoyed writing this beauty post so much, same as shooting the photos and doing the make-up. Now the only thing I hope is that you liked it as much as I do! I would love to hear your thoughts! Wish you all good luck and much fun with creating this spring make-up look by yourself.

Lots of love xxx


  1. Such a gorgeous make up! Perfect for Spring!

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  4. You are really beautiful and your makeup tips are very useful because the outcome is so natural! Thanks for sharing, sweetie, and thanks for yoyr visit!
    Have a nice week!
    Oriana xx

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    I love this post babe. Happy Monday
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  6. amazing make up u are beautiful!

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    Thank you so much for stopping by! xoxo

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  11. Beautiful of spring look both outfit and makeups. Thx for dropping by! ox

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  20. Prachtig!!
    Ik ben super fan van de oranje/koraal/rode tinten die je gebruikt in je make-up, staan je echt heel goed! Ik ga eens naar de parfumerie gaan en daar ook testen want ik ben hetzelfde type als jij qua kleuren :)
    Echt super foto's!
    xo Lyn

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    xx Mira

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