Sunday, March 23, 2014


SUNDAY FUNDAY I loveee weekends! They are really the best aren't they? You can do whatever you like and you feel just so free. I do at least. Hope you all had a fabulous time these days of freedom. I would love to hear your stories so far. Like I told you in last Fridays post I hadn't anything plannend for the weekend, just some quality time. That is exactly what I did. Yesterday was a home-alone evening so Paul kept me company. We watched this great movie 'The Big Wedding' which was so much for. We had a good drink, some cheese and a good sense of humor that evening. I love those special moments when you just feel so in love with each other. Next weekend will be much busier so yes, I enjoyed doing nothing veeeeery much :).

So the spring is coming as well. The sun shines but it also rains a lot nowadays. March rolls her tail we say here in our small Holland. Do you know these kind of sayings? What it basically says is that it can be every kind of weather this month, same for April by the way (they say, April does what he wants which is strangely a rime in Dutch..). Well, today we came to the truth of the saying. What a strange day. It begun with sun when it started raining almost all noon and afterwards the sun was back and it was quite nice outside. So, it really rolls her tail haha. Anyway, gladly there was some sun to shoot this outfit. Besides that I was freezing while we were shooting I enjoyed this day and the result. How good is my match between the magnolia flowers and my jacket?? I love it!

I was wearing:
Jacket: Zara
Jeans: SOS 
Sneakers: Hogan (leather ones here)
Bag: Ibiza
Rings: Dodo and Ti Sento