Thursday, March 20, 2014


ZEBRA AND BLUE Hi lovelies! Sorry for the delated post. Yesterday I got my new Macbook (which I am soooo happy with) and I really had to discover how everything works. I am still discovering actually haha. Like I said in last post, it was hard to say goodbye to my old Vaio which I already had for 8 years. I still couldn't put it away because I'm afraid of loosing some items on it but also because it feels just so strange. Besides, this new Mac feels so good and being a total Apple user by now is great. I love their systems already so much! I know lots of bloggers use Apple for a longer time so maybe you can give me some advices or tips to improve my work with it. Please let me know your tips and tricks!

I also have something really important to share with you. It's about a new fashion app. The creators of this amazing app contacted me to promote it and share it with you. When I received the mail and have read their story about the app I was just so enthusiastic! So yes I would love to! The new fashion app is called SnapGet. It's a app to get any shoe you want, any time. Snap it and get it! Brilliant isn't it?! Unfortunately you have to wait for this new innovation because you can't download it in the App Store yet. But! I'll tell you some secrets about it in some posts before the launch of the app. Stay updated for more news folks! For today, I hope you like this outfit and I wish you all a great day! XX

I was wearing:
Shirt: Oasap
Trousers: Cambio (something similar here)
Boots: Zara

Nails: Chanel April No. 533


  1. lovely bag!!
    new look on my blog!

  2. Lovely skirt and look! Love it!!!!!

    ♥ ♥

  3. Wonderful outfit - I have a Macbook too:-)