Friday, March 7, 2014


THE BEGIN OF THE WEEKEND Hi loves! My weekend will have an awesome kick off. For tonight I am walking a fashion show for a charity. One of my friends organized this as a school project and it will be so cool! I think it’s a great opportunity to celebrate fashion together with a charity. I’ll tell you something about what it is for. The charity is called ‘Make A Wish’ and what they basically do is making dreams coming true. And not for healthy and happy people like you and me but for the children who nearly can. In my opinion it’s so important to live your dreams and make them come true. It’s so good that they help the people with doing that. Let them dream and believe, just like everyone want to in life.I also wrote something for them. Something very personal. It’s about how important it is to keep on dreaming but how more important it is to make them come true. I’m a huge dreamer and now and then I try to make every single bit of it come true. Like for example Floortjeloves, which is my biggest dream at the moment. Trying to bring it to a higher level, to create a luxury place on the web. That is what we’re doing at the moment. I do my best to make my dream come true and it feels so incredibly good! I even can’t explain it. That’s why I think ‘Make A Wish’ does really a wonderful job! Especially for the children who really need it.

Besides this pep-talk I want to wish you all such a happy weekend! Really folks, stop dreaming only. Do and give everything to make them come true. Life is too short so make out the most of it! Maybe this outfit can give you a little inspiration (Outfits always work for me. When I haven't got any inspiration I go on the computer and start searching on the web. Guess what? Happy again after watching some fashion haha!). For today I wore my favorite shirt from this moment which is from Oasap. I combined it with this suede baggy trousers which look really cool I think, especially the color combination. The hat was also a perfect match with the color of my pants. At last this totally a-ma-zing bag which I stole from my mom.. Another dream for me, having the most beautiful bag collection without using my moms hahah. Okay that's sully but hey, this was a fashionista dream ;P. So folks, one more time, have a fabulous weekend and make the best out of it! I'll definitely try to make something from it :). Oh before I forget, if you're interested to help 'Make A Wish' than go to their site by clicking here. Maybe you can help other ones with dreaming! :) XOXO

I was wearing:
Shirt: Oasap
Trousers: Buhjah
Shoes: DIY
Bag: Ralph Lauren (similar)
Hat: Vintage

Lips: Clinique Chubby Stick No. 05
Nails: Collistar N0. 71


  1. great look ;-)


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  2. You are one gorgeous lady! Also I love those pants!



  3. Je staat heel mooi met dat blauwe hemdje! Deze kleur gaat je goed :)
    xo Lyn

  4. Great look! The pumps are really great!