Friday, April 18, 2014



EVERY DAY WEAR Pink is my color of love at the moment. Now you maybe can imagine why I created a whole wishlist with it. Every pink item is a craving for me. Like this amazing leather biker jacket for example. Never have seen so much perfection in just a biker jacket. This one is totally worth saving money for because it's so timeless. Same for the Valentino Rock Studded pumps. I really like them in this look, but they will look absolutely amazing with a jeans too! Besides the biker and pumps I actually want everything from this list. The bag, the shirt, the skirt and even the nail polish are in the perfect pink tone.

Okay pink it is but I also love a more comfortable look where everything doesn't match perfectly with each other, like this look. I already bought the yellow coat which I am so happy with. One items less from my list! To combine it in a way I didn't do before I added some cool jeans and sliver - grey tones. It's so obvious to wear gold with yellow instead of silver.. But hey, silver also match perfectly with yellow! Especially when you're wearing a cool jeans with it like this Emilio Pucci one, love it! Oh and don't forget use your mouse on the image to see the details of the products!

Wish you all a great and happy Easter weekend fashion bunnies! XX


  1. Love pink shirt and yellow coat..kiss

  2. Greeat wishlist, lovely jeans!
    Happy Easter

  3. This is fab!

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