Thursday, October 24, 2013


As I promised the photos from my birthday presents! I really can say that I got some amazing new things into my wardrobe! Lets start with the first pics. The best thing on your birthday is receiving post cards. Even though I'm in London I received some sweet postcards which I'm so thankful for! I also got some cute flowers from my roommates, so sweet! In the second pic you see some amazing new necklaces. They weren't birthday presents but they are still new. I got them from my new sponsor Chicnova. Chicnova is an amazing online boutique with a great range of clothes and accessories! I can't wait to wear these beautiful necklaces and share them in different outfits! :). Another thing I got from a new sponsor is in the fourth pic.
I'm talking about the amazing bracelets I photographed. They are from Like IT Accessoires, a great upcoming jewelry brand from Holland. You really should go to their site and have a look of their great collection!

In the next photo you see my new boots which I got from my mom. They are amazing I think! I was looking for the perfect boots for a while now and finally, I got them! I love the embellishments, they make them so nice. They are from River Island by the way. The other present from my mom is in the sixth photo. I love this beautiful sparkling cropped top from TopShop! And then my birthday present which I got from my sweet little brother. I got this beautiful set of Chanel books in a box from him. I think it's beautiful to have nice books like these and lay them down on your make-up table and read them if you have some fashionable free time ;). And then at last but now least, these amazing leopard printed shoes from Russell & Bromley which was a present from my sweetest dad! Now I can say I had the best birthday ever. Not only because of the nice present but because of my family was here in London and of course Paul the week before! :)


  1. Happy Birthday and love those boots and that crop top is beyond gorgeous and will look so great on you!

  2. Happy belated birthday! lucky girl - so many awesome gifts. enjoy!
    The Marcy Stop