Monday, October 28, 2013


Happy Monday! As you know my family was here in London to celebrate my birthday the weekend before last weekend. Well, here are the photos we made. I love to see these, I get a warm and lovely feeling from them. We had so much fun together and we enjoyed London a lot! The hotel were we slept was amazing and the breakfast was even better as you can see. I'm a huge breakfast lover, I think it's the most important part of the day, so my day couldn't even start better when I saw this. Birger muesli with fruits, yumm!

It was, besides all the shopping we did, also time to see some things from London. I wasn't able to see many things yet.. Well, we saw the Big Ben (didn't went into it) and some other beautiful buildings and old stones. Ok, I sound like a real cultural barbarian haha. But I'm not.. I just prefer other things ;P.
Further, the other photos are from my birthday dinner at the delicious restaurant Hakkasan, it was a great night with good food and much fun! Can't wait to be with them again!