Tuesday, February 11, 2014


WEEKEND IN FRANKFURT So finally a post about what I did these last days and why I was so busy. I'll start with last week. After having my first days at my internship from Wednesday until Friday noon I finally had weekend. The reason why I stopped earlier with working on Friday was because of a gala. I can tell you it now but I think it will be so much nicer to tell you it in next post with the real photos from it. So a little patience, it will come soon! After a great night (I can already tell you that) I had to go to a fair in Frankfurt on Saturday morning. My mom and brother picked me up and together we went to my dad who was already there. A little explanation why we were there. My dad sells coffee machines, the story behind it is very long but to short it: my grandpa produces the best coffee machines in the whole world (no I'm not kidding, it's true!) which is called Moccamaster Technivorm. I hope you know it! :). It's a traditional machine but the taste of the coffee is the best they says (I can't say it because I don't drink any coffee.. Oopss..). So, at the age op 83 my grandpa still produce them in his big Dutch factory where every single machine is handmade (His company is almost 50 years old by the way, that means a special post coming soon!!). That's how they're produced. Then my father who's sells them to costumers online and to the retailers (the shops). That was the reason why we went to this fair, to get new costumers and promote the product.

Basically that's what we were doing there. My mom and dad are still there at the moment and they're doing their job so well, I'm so proud!! But what Rob (my little brother) and I did there was to see what it means to stand on a fair and what a happening it is. And oh my, it is a happening! Don't think it's all about coffee because it's about so many more things. You could find there other kitchen machines, arts, electronics, fashion, accessories, beauty and so on! Most if the day I spent my time looking at other stands which was so interesting! I mean, really what a world! I can't even explain how big it was. Gladly I had a little profit of it as well and you've to think bigger than money or something. It's something for my future project but I won't say anything! Lets get back to the last part. This was the outfit I was wearing during the fair on Sunday. It was a quite chic outfit because you've to look representable there. That's what I tried while I was wearing my woolen dark blue skirt with white blouse and long goat coat (oh it was so warm during this cold weekend!). Well, that was my story of my weekend so far. Today I'm back at the office until Friday, can't wait for the next weekend to begin!

I was wearing:
Coat: Lemmycoat
Shirt: Zara
Skirt Donaldson
Shoes: Vintage
Bag: iPhone Chanel Cover

Nails: OPI


  1. so cute!!

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  2. nice coat, love it!!!
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  3. I like your mini chanel shoulder bag.

  4. You look beautiful! That iPhone cover is so chic :)


  5. I love this Iphone cover and you look amazing!

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