Tuesday, February 18, 2014


DENIM, FUR AND ORANGE Hi Sweeties! Time for a new outfit to share with you! Today I'm wearing this absolutely amazing denim suit from MET Jeans. I already have this one for a few years but I still love it. Denim never gets old :). The only problem with this suit is that the body is too short for me. Because I am so tall I always have these kind of problems and I hate it. Suits are getting so uncomfortable with this. That's why this suit is called my 'stand all evening and don't sit' suit. Kind of funny maybe but it's so true! So, that's the main reason why I don't wear this fantastic suit not so often.. It's a shame actually because I like it so much! But for shooting it was good. Because it was really cold when we shot this look I was wearing some fur to keep me warm. And of course I was carrying my beloved Rafnik bag! Really, I can't get enough from this one. It's fashionable, new and big enough to put all my things in it. You know that we ladies always carry too many things with us, but hey, if there is an emergency you definitely have the right this with you to safe yourself of maybe someone else. So, next time when your boyfriend ask why you have such a big bag carrying with you all day, I think this will be the perfect answer :).

Besides this outfit I want to share some more news with you. It's about the new Floortjeloves which we just started with. I can't describe it in words how happy and grateful I am about this exciting project. Bringing Floortjeloves to a higher level is just like a dream, a dream that will come true soon!! I am so incredibly happy that if you see me you can read it from my face (I just can't get that crazy smile from it) so you can maybe imagine how I look like and feel. After that the new blog comes online I can finally make some video's as well since I promised you to make video's and share them :). Anyway, besides this great news there will be lots of work to do before it's finally there. And before it's there I want to let you know that Floortjeloves has to become a site just like you want to see it. I've always tried to create that little bit of luxury in life on the internet and that's exactly what it is going to be, but more professional then it is now. So, if you've any ideas, new things you want to see or you might want to see more often, please let me know! I'm sure we can build the perfect site together and I'll do my utmost to show you every little bit of passion in Floortjeloves!

I was wearing:
Suit: MET Jeans
Poncho: Fur
Booties: Chloé Susanna (similar here)
Bag: Rafnik

Nails: O.P.I


  1. Heel mooie look! Fringes zijn een fijne trend he? Zo leuk op je tas! En wat een fijn nieuws, klinkt heel erg leuk allemaal! Ben alvast benieuwd naar het restultaat!

    XO Imke

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  3. This is quite an interesting bag. It's very red and stands out against your outfit.

  4. such a cute bag!!!!



  5. nice!! :DD

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  6. amazing bag!!
    new look on my blog!