Sunday, February 9, 2014


ONE MORE WEEK! Sorry for not posting the last few days guys but I've been so busy! I went to a gala and a fair which I can't wait to tell you more about but first this post. Next Friday, the most romantic day of the year is finally there; Valentine's day. Besides my yearly Valentine's day special I would like to share you my wishlist for this day, and of course it's about love.

This year is the first time for me that I actually have a real Valentine-lover. Yes my sweet Paul and I are celebrating it together! (duhh of course..). So I thought the Valentine's special which is planned for next Friday has to be special as well. Normally I do it alone but this year is different because I'm not alone anymore ;). That's why I want to ask you what you would like to see this year. Do you want a post together with Paul or just the same posts like I do every year? Or is a surprise even  better? I think so actually..

Okay I'm getting off my point. Because I have a lover this year (and I hope with all my heart that you'll have one too!!) I had to make a wishlist. What can I give him and can he give me? Even though this wishlist is more about what he can give me hehe. Like this Chanel make-up which is totally too amazing! I loveeee this special collection designed for Valentine's day! Really, I want everything.. That's the same for good lingerie by the way. That will be my first little present for Paul, as a surprise :). The one's I've picked for this list are from H&M and you can find them here. I love the sweet pink ones, they look so cute! And they're affordable as well so perfect! Now I've to look for a real present.. hmm...That's a hard point actually, what should I give to Paul?? I know he likes perfumes but he has like 100 different ones.. Further I really don't know.. Presents for men are so hard to find.. Do you have any ideas what to give your boyfriend, husband or just friend? Advices pleaaaase! :) :)

Pillow: H&M 
Lip Clutch: Oasap
Hair Rollers: Asos


  1. Great inspiration board. I actually forgot all about Valentines this year!

  2. Heb net hetzelfde probleem!
    Voor mezelf heb ik altijd ideeën genoeg maar wat moet ik in hemelsnaam kopen voor m'n vriendje?! :p we zijn ook al bijna 5jaar samen dus dan heb je elkaar al redelijk wat dingen gekocht en ik hou ervan om altijd iets anders te geven/krijgen.
    Ik ga nog eens heel goed zoeken via internet etc :p
    Jij ook veel succes!! xx

  3. Lovely wishlist, I'm sure Paul will like that lingerie! It would be great to get a post about you two, you're so cute!

    Happy Valentine's day already in advance!