Sunday, February 23, 2014


AND GREETINGS FROM THE SNOW! Hi loves! So, while I'm writing this post I am laying in my bed, looking at the white mountains and I'm still glowing from this warm and sunny day. Last Friday Paul and I arrived in the beautiful Austria for a week full of fun and skiing. As you might know we have already visited this amazing country during Christmas but now it's time for our yearly ski-trip in February. There is only one change this year and it is that I am only with Paul. No family or other friends, just me and him. I'm so excited about being on holiday together! And I definitely know that this will be an amazing trip! Today was also the best, we were so blessed with this beautiful day. We had so much sun and snow on the piste! It can only be a little colder while we have this warm winter, it's so bad for the quality of the snow! But we expect more beautiful and more cold days to come so I'm sure it will be a perfect week!

As you might see these photos aren't in the snow here. We shot this outfit at home in Amsterdam (seriously, there isn't a better thing than buildings and bridges in Holland. A must see if you ever want to visit our small country!). Besides this amazing place this post is also very special for me. The reason why is because I'm wearing a very special vintage item, one from my grandma. It was so sweet how she gave me this amazing cape. Last week when I was at her place for dinner we went to the wardrobe, still talking and talking, and then she remembered this cape and thought it was perfect for me and my blog. I think it's so special to wear vintage items from your family, even more when they gave it with a personal message. Same with this cape which is made in Austria by the way, perfect match with where I am now haha. Besides the cape I also had to borrow this cute fur and colorful scarf. This was for borrow actually but we thought it looks very good with the cape. And in combination with my fav kind of trousers (leather, leather, leather!!) this look was made in a special way!

I was wearing:
Cape: Vintage from Austria
Trousers: Graham & Spencer
Boots: River Island


  1. so great look ;-))

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  2. nice look!
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  3. Leather pants! Love it. So sexy.

  4. The cape is fabulous, I really like the contrasting trim. I'd love to go snowboarding in Austria but I'm pretty spoiled having the Rocky Mountains here in Alberta!