Thursday, February 13, 2014


LAST MINUTE NAILS Hi my lovelies! So, tomorrow it's Valentine's day en I thought it would be nice to show you a short, last minute DIY. Because everything is about love, roses, hearts and so on it couldn't be better to paint my nails with red hearts, just for fun and a little extra love. It maybe looks difficult but really, if you take a little time and patience it's the easiest job ever! For the nicest effect, I started with polishing my nails. It's really a miracle what happen after smoothing it, you'll get this beautiful natural gloss on your nails! Then the second step was using a base coat. Mine was from ANNY which is a 6 in 1 so you can use it for anything, perfect! Then, let your nails dry for a short while and after that the painting can begin! I choose for red hearts but of course you can make them in any other color you like, like pink for example. So now you need the patience. The easiest way to create a heart is to make two stripes like this \ /, the only thing you have to do next is fill them in with more color and voila! Your Valentine nails are ready. Just do another top coat but let them dry first for a little while! You do not want to screw them up ;P.

Besides this DIY, which I hope you liked :), I have some other really cool news to share with you guys. Maybe you've seen the banner on my blog from Bangstyle which is a site all about hair and beauty. Their company is really big actually, they're featured on sites and magazines like Vogue, Elle and Marie-Claire, very cool I should say so! The reason why the banner is there is because of a collaboration with this awesome site! I couldn't be any happier when I received their email and asked for a interview on their blog-of-the-Moment page. So after a couple of weeks the interview is online and you can see and read it by clicking here. I hope you love this interview and maybe you have learned some few things about me which you didn't knew yet (even though that's almost impossible because I share everything with you hahaha). Okay guys, I'm off for some other things. See you in the Valentine's Special tomorrow!! XO