Tuesday, September 10, 2013


And we finally arrived in our destination, St. Maxime. We rent a house with another family there for one week. The house was near to the city, only 10 minutes drive by car. The first evening we had a dinner in Mario's place, a really good restaurant on the beach. I remember this from when I was younger and had my first holiday in St. Tropez. Anyway, it was a great evening and we loved this place! This are the photos we took when we were there, I'm so proud of my beautiful family!

Now the London talk. I just finished my first week and started my second one. 11 more weeks to go! I can say, the first week was terrible and I didn't liked it that much. I missed my home, my family and my sweet Paul a lot. But now, when I had my first week I'm starting to feel better, much better actually. I know where to go so I won't get lost anymore and I made some new friends. Well, my boyfriend is coming this weekend and I really really can't wait to see him! With this prospect the week will past by fast I hope and then I can enjoy a great weekend in London with the love of my life!


  1. Nice pics!

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  2. beautiful :)


  3. nice post!!

  4. Thank you for the wonderful pics, you have a nice family and a handsome bf:)