Sunday, November 17, 2013


BLUE WALL Happy weekend everybody! I hope you enjoyed it or maybe are enjoying it. As I told you this is going to be my last week in London so this weekend was also my last weekend here! That was a good reason for a last 'girls night out'. So yesterday evening we went to Cirque Le Soir, an amazing club near to Soho. It's also the craziest club I've ever been to. There were strange dressed up people dancing everywhere and there were popcorn-machines and there was a forecaster. Yes it was really like a Circus. But anyway, I had a great night with the girls! And now it's Sunday and I've to decide what to do. Everybody is still sleeping because of a hangover (no problem for me because I don't like alcohol :p), so I'm afraid I have to do something by myself, maybe go to Hyde Park or something.. Any ideas??

Now about this post. Yesterday we shoot this outfit by this beautiful blue wall is near to the Ability I live which was a perfect match with the outfit I was wearing. The skirt is new but already one of my favorites for this winter. I wanted to let it 'pop-out' so the rest of the outfit is easy going black. Except of the bag. Which I really love by the way, I borrowed it from my sweet Dutch roommate for this shoot. I'm so thankful that she also want to take pictures for me every time. Couldn't blog without her!
Before I end this post I want to remind you of the Sammydress give-away! You have one more week to join and win! Good luck! XX

I was wearing:
Skirt: Zara
Turtleneck: Zara
Boots: River Island
Bag: Zara
Hat: Zara

Lipstick: Bourjous Sweet Kiss No. 13
Nail Polish: Dolce & Gabbana No. 215


  1. Beautiful boots and bag!

  2. tweed is the ultimate winter chic!

  3. That skirt is so lovely and your legs look amazing in those tights :) Wow!

  4. You looks so happy with your cute outfit:-)



  5. amazing bag! Love it!
    New look!

  6. amazing!! :-))

    i invite to me too