Thursday, January 23, 2014


GET THE LOOK So guys, I actually planned another post for today but because of the bad weather we couldn't shoot outside. I am really excited to share a new collaboration with you from an absolutely amazing bag brand from Italy. But that will come tomorrow! For today something different, another wishlist but this time from Choies. I thought it would be nice to do a lighter look, yes we can already prepare ourselves a little bit for spring! Not only a lighter look but also a total in blue one. I really love the combination of a nice denim jeans with a striped top, and let these be really good actually! The jeans is just perfect, can't say more. I love the patches and yes.. I just love it. Same story for the top.. and the shoes.. and the bag.. Okay, let's say I want this total look just now! But for the people who aren't into the blue, Choies do have so many more great items to shop. To be honest, I can look and shop at their site for hours! 

That's actually a good thing to do this weekend because I am afraid I can't do anything else. Why? Well, tomorrow I have to go to the dentist to let remove my wisdom teeth. I can tell you, I'm scared as hell. Normally I love the dentist because since I finished my brace I didn't have to suffer pain anymore. Until tomorrow.. I didn't blog before I had a brace but believe me folks, everything what can be and go wrong in a humans mouth, I had it. Still have it actually because how my wisdom teeth's are growing is totally wrong so that's why I have to let them be removed as soon as possible. Another reason why I'm so scared to go.. Do anyone know how I feel?? Well, around tomorrow noon it will be finished and I hope I'll survive (sorry for being such a drama queen now..). Gladly there will come a little present for me tomorrow to cheer me up. Maybe it is also a good idea to start shopping at Choies to relax a little and tread myself!

Get the look!
Jeans: Choies
Shirt: Choies
Heels: Choies
Bag: Choies
Sunnies: Choies


  1. i love that top and those heels... so fabulous!

  2. Well I love that sequinned transparent top!

  3. very nice wish list!