Sunday, January 12, 2014


PERSUNMALL SHOPPING LIST Hi guys, in this lazy Sunday I want to introduce you to a new site with so many must haves you will die. Figuratively of course ;). I am talking about this great site called Last week they contacted me and asked me to make a wishlist post and yes I would love to! But I can tell you, it was so hard to make a wishlist because I want almost everything! Really, their shop is full of must haves and the latest fashion trends, no matter what you choose. So I needed to start somewhere and I though trousers were a good one to create an outfit with. But still, it was so hard because I liked so many trousers! And that was the same for the coats, shirts, bags and shoes.. After a few hours browsing and searching on their site I could finally make a decisions from the look I want to show you. But believe me, this is one look. They have so many more great items to make the decisions even harder.

For this outfit I liked to combine one of my favorite color combinations: yellow and purple. Not that I am wearing it daily (I don't have so many purple nor yellow things in my closet) I really love this color-blocking trend. Hm not really a trend actually because in my opinion you can always wear purple and yellow together. Back to the outfit. Like I said I started with the trousers and I fell in love with this pants, it must be so comfortable! The combination between black and grey totally works here. With the white top and black booties, which are totally awesome, this outfit was a little boring because there wasn't any color. Don't get me wrong, these outfits can work but it's always better to work with a touch of color, or maybe more in this case ;). So, after this simple but comfortable yet chic outfit I started searching for an eye-catcher. Bamm! One yellow jacket and one purple bag.. Perfect! Now when I added these items the outfit was ready and I made my dream look on Persunmall. Hope you like this look, and don't forget to go to their site and get inspired! XO

Get the look!
Trousers: Persunmall
Jacket: Persunmall
Booties: Persunmall


  1. I know Persunmall, is really a great site! Love the bag. New post onlowbudget-lowcost Fashion blog

  2. What a lovely outfit, I like the trousers and the yellow jacket.



  3. I love the photo of you showing off your ring.
    Great shot idea.

  4. Great selection!I love the boots so cool !