Thursday, January 9, 2014


CHRISTMAS PRESENTS AND MORE Last Christmas I promised to show you my presents soon. It's a little later now but better late then never! I also have some other great pieces to show so here we go! In the first pic you see one of the best new things I received a little while ago. I am talking about this amazing golden skirt from Oasap. You can find it here. It's not only perfect for going out and partying, if you match it with the right basics you can wear it daily as well. Besides this great skirt, Oasap offers many more great pieces. That's why it is one of my favorite shops so have a look and get inspired! But let's go further, in the next photo you see the first Christmas present I got from my mom. Since I am with Paul I travel much between home, his parent's home or Amsterdam so I really needed a good travel bag for our days together. This beauty is from the great Italian brand V°73. I had never heard of it before, actually the first time I saw it was in the shop where we bought the bag. So after this more than perfect bag as present I went to their site and saw so many other great ones. I fairly fall in love with the brand. You must check out their site as well to see their amazing collection. I love it!

Enough talking about the brands and shops (I'm talking way too much haha), let's start with the third one. In this photo you see some of my favorite essentials and some new ones like the hair elastics (never get boring with these!) and the new beauty bag from Dior, so cute! Going to the next photo you see the presents from my favorite boys; my little brother and Paul (my dad also belongs to my favorite but he's a man ;p). The pillow is from Zara Home, which was a present from my brother, and match perfectly with my new bed and room! The Uggs slippers were a present from Paul. He found out that I didn't had any slippers for home so he thought it was the perfect present, and it is because I am so happy with them! Never want to wear anything else when I'm home. In the other photo you see a great new t'shirt which you'll see soon on the blog and a new book about communication, both were also Christmas presents. And as last my new jewelry. You already have seen them in some posts from last week but I couldn't help it to show you these Chicnova items again! Oh and before I forget! Yesterday I had my garage sale, like I told you in yesterday's post, and it was a great success! Tonight is the last change for the costumers to get some items and otherwise they have to wait until the summer edition ;).


  1. I love that gilded skirt - you could wear it in my DIY! Great photos.

  2. That yellow skirt and necklace are awesome ! those were my favorite items.

    When you get a sec step by my blog ;) xo.

  3. suuuupermooie rok!!

  4. Leuke post! Goud is op dit moment ook men favo kleur! XoXo Nele

  5. Great post and lots of goodies.

    Happy Friday!

  6. I'm in love with your mini skirt

  7. nice pics;DD

    new post

  8. Golden skirt is so gorgeous!

  9. Wat een geweldig rokje in de eerste foto!

    XX Sonja