Saturday, January 4, 2014



FIRST POST 2014 Hi guys, after a little relaxing from the last days it's time to get back to work. It's time for the first post of 2014! Hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve and enjoyed it with the people you love. I though it would be a good idea to start this first post of the year with my room make-over which I already told you so much about. After having my old room for more then 10 years it was time for a big change. Now that I am with Paul I also needed a bigger bed. So, there was more necessary than only another color on the walls, it needed a new organisation as well. About four weeks ago I started with removing the wallpaper from the walls. I thought it would be a day work but oh my.. It took 3 days! Hope I never have to do that ever again.. But after rain comes sunshine and there was nicer work to do. Oh no, not really true. I had to repair the walls first and after that I could finally start painting! After another two days work of repairing it was time for a base-coat. I destroyed one jeans and a pair of shoes with painting my room but it was worth it. I chose for minimalist white for the walls because I have so many colorful things that will give my room color anyway.

After that the room was finished it was time for new furniture. As I said before I needed a new and bigger bed. I was so happy that I found one that was directly available. I was looking for a bed and it didn't matter where I went to, everywhere I asked I had to wait week 5-6 weeks or more! I was almost crying because I my room had to finish as soon as possible. So after looking further and further we came to this bed and it was in my room after one day of ordering. Yeeeeej! But my room wasn't finished yet, I had a bed but I also always dreamed of a make-up table. I have so many make-up and I love making time for some beauty so I needed a place to organize my make-up and where I can sit as well. So the last stop was Ikea for the finishing touches like the make-up table and a matching stool (seriously, I love Ikea. What a brilliant concept! It's payable, good quality and they have furniture for every type of person. I only don't get why they always say it's so easy to mount it, because that is a really hard job actually! Or did I say just something stupid? Oopss..). Now my room is officially done. Ok, it's not totally ready yet, I have to hang my mirror, coat rack and photos somewhere but it's livable and I really love being there. The result is exactly how I wanted it, maybe even better! I hope you like the result comparing to the old room which you can see in the first photos. Have a lovely weekend folks!


  1. this is such a pretty girly room! x

  2. Haha I started the year the same way, new year & new room! ;)
    Your room was really pretty also before, but it's a Lot better now! I love how simply it is but still with color and personality, looks amazing! Totally worth all the work!

  3. wauw die roze stoel is zoooo mooi, van waar is die?


  4. Heel leuk resultaat!
    Ik heb ook zo'n zin om mijn kamer anders in te richten & te decoreren! Veranderen qua inrichting zal waarschijnlijk niet gaan omdat m'n kamer redelijk klein is (vind ik) maar opnieuw decoreren is natuurlijk altijd mogelijk! :)
    Bedankt voor de inspiratie & wat een prinsessenstoel! xx

  5. I like the red/silver armchair:)



  6. very difference!!! i love your new room.
    can you visit my blogs??? thanks xoxo!!!

  7. Love your perfume counter! so cute!!!