Saturday, January 25, 2014


FRINGE FRINGE AND MORE Happy weekend loves! My weekend couldn't start better or maybe worse. Like I told you Thursday I had to go to the dentist to let remove my wisdom teeth. Oh my, I was so scared and it's so painful now. I can nearly eat.. Maybe good for the winter kilo's actually hahah. But what made my weekend so good was this present, I mean this beauty of a bag. Well, not just a bag, the ultimate bag. I will explain my story and how I discovered this brand.

When we had our last summer holiday in France, st' Tropez, I find out a sweet colorful boutique with amazing clothes and accessories. And there it was in the shopping window, love at first sight you can say, my first Rafnik bag. A black leather fringe bag with colorful beats, ribbons and charms. Totally my style and a perfect summer holiday present from myself to myself. Well I can tell you guys, I've never enjoyed a bag so much and got so many compliments about one! So when Nicola, the brilliant founder and designer of the brand, contacted me to work with her I was a bomb full of happiness!

The hard thing was choosing an item of the collection. I'am a Libra and they say they're always doubting, I can tell you it's true. Definitely when it comes to such great fashion items. I decided I wanted a bigger model than the one I already have so that was one step. After more doubting and doubting I finally made a decision with help from Paul and my family. This orange with brown color is all-season-going and I just love orange bags! Especially this one. But everything is great from there collection so you definitely have to look at their site (the site isn't totally ready yet but it will come soon! You can stay up to date though following Nicola's Instagram account by clicking here or just have a first impression by visiting their site!) Happy weekend folks and enjoy Rafnik!