Tuesday, January 21, 2014


DESIGNER BY MOM For today I'm all dressed up in my mom's clothes. Sometimes, when I am lucky, we can share the same items. Bags of course, jewelry and make-up no problem, shoes always but clothes is a harder job. My mom have size 38 and I have 36. When we are talking about a sweater like I am wearing it's not a big deal because this is even better if you wear it a little bit bigger. Actually it's also too big for my mom but that's why we like this so much. In our opinion you have to wear a sweater like this bigger because it already make you bigger. It sounds strange but when we wear it too big you look smaller. If you buy it slim-fit you'll look bigger because of the fluffy wool. Strange isn't it? So anyway, we can share this lovely piece, lucky me! In contrast to trousers, which are harder to share. Normally we can't share them except of this suede one. She bought it in size 36 because suede and leather always get bigger when you wear it (so like denim, don't buy it in the perfect size because it will get too big later on when you're start wearing it, hint hint!!). I can call myself so lucky as her daughter so steal, borrow or use her stuff for a while (or however you want to call it ;P).

I think the grey suede looks perfect on the fluffy soft pink. What my mom and I also share is our big love and passion for good and pure materials. Really, when we're shopping we always take or look at the same things. We just love wool, leather, suede or fur (of course when it is fair guys). I think people make too many big issues about using these materials like for example fur. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE animals, they're my heart and I'm always with them. When our old dog passed away last December it's so quite at home and we all can't wait to look for a new dog this spring. But people wear leather and eat meat right? And they don't call that sad or crude. People are sometimes talking like a chicken without a head (Dutch saying, you'll def know what I mean ;) ) and fur in special. Of course there are horrible ways how people make materials but it doesn't always goes like that. Believe me folks, have a good look at what you buy or eat so we can create a fair-trade world together :).

I was wearing:
Sweater: RED Valentino
Trousers: Ralph Lauren
Scarf: Marccain
Bag: Dolce & Gabbana (similar here)
Shoes: Paul Green

Lipgloss: Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait De Gloss No. 56
Nail Polish: Herôme No. 12


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  3. Beautiful boots and bag!


  4. Those boots are heavenly! And you are gorg!




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  6. vou are so right with your statement! it´s my opinion,too! you looks so good in sweaters, it´s a really good style!

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