Welcome to Floortjeloves! An online destination for everybody loving luxury though fashion, beauty and lifestyle. My name is Floortje van Cooten, a Dutch girl with passion and I am the owner of Floortjeloves. 

Floortjeloves all started with the idea to put my inspiration on a board. My personal mood-board on the internet. In the area where I live there aren't so many people with the same passion as I have. That was the reason for me to start blogging. To share my inspiration and style with everybody who was interested. The first post I made was in 2011 and it was far from what I am now. I posted once, maybe twice, a week but I enjoyed it every time again. When I saw that I got my first readers and comments I was so excited! I really could't imagine that people are reading my stories and liked them. So around 2012, when I got around the 100 followers, I gave myself the questions: Why shouldn't I post more often? And post something else than mood-boards, for example outfits? That was basically what I did. I changed Floortjeloves and became what it is now. My followers are getting more each day and the page-views are coming from more countries that I could ever dreamed about! I really have the passion and ambition to make Floortjeloves bigger and bigger and become to the top of the bloggers!

Besides all the outfits I share almost every day, I love to tell you my stories about what I did or just discovered. I love to travel around the world and get inspiration from every beautiful place around me. Like you can imagine, fashion is my biggest passion which I try to show you as much as I can. Not only though outfits and clothes but also though beauty, which is one of my biggest addictions as well. Being creative with DIY's also belongs to Floortjeloves but above all I am loving life. My life with my dearest family, friends and lover. With Floortjeloves I try to create a personal luxury place on the web. A place where you will feel comfortable and get inspired. It is an open window of my life which you can enjoy daily. 

I am so grateful for your support everyday again and let's make Floortjeloves big, together

Lots of love,

XXX Floortje